The Only Way is Up

Mon, 28/01/2013 - 19:00
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Our Officials’ Conference took place recently with a large number of officials in attendance.

People travelled from all over the UK to take part. A varied and packed agenda ensured that there was something for everyone.

It was a great opportunity for folk from many different regions to take the floor and pass on their knowledge and experience of different aspects of getting the British National Party message over through activism and organisation at local level.

First up was Cllr Richard Perry from Essex who gave a very informative lecture on the role of a Councillor.

He used his own experiences as examples and emphasised the importance of learning the political ropes at local level.

He was followed by our Party Elections Officer Alwyn Deacon who passed on information about our election strategies for the coming months and years.

Nick Griffin MEP then gave an account of our latest campaigns and publicity material. He drew attention to how UKIP have become the new puppets of the establishment and the BBC.

He spoke about the ways in which we would challenge, expose and confront this establishment safety valve. He drew attention to a leaflet published by the Solidarity Trade Union criticising UKIP for Tory-style policies which sought to take away rights from British workers.

Mr Griffin also opened up a discussion on practical community action activities. The Party has been involved in many grassroots activities to improve local neighbourhoods.

These include cleaning graffiti and litter from areas and checking on elderly residents during cold spells. This kind of activity is something local Branches will increase in the coming year and there was a high level of audience participation with a real buzz of ideas.

After a hearty buffet lunch, Adam Walker our National Organiser took the floor and explained various ways to raise funds for branches groups and regions.

He said that one of the most effective and regular ways to raise money is through standing order payments from supporters, members and folk who are not so mobile, but would like to help those who are.

A link to the standing order form can be found here;

Pete Molloy, British Veterans Group (BVG) Officer gave an account of the role of the BVG and the types of campaigns they are involved with.

He spoke about the appalling treatment of our armed forces by the Government and emphasised the need to bring our troops home from useless and expensive global capitalist foreign wars now.

Our National Treasurer, Clive Jefferson, spoke of the need for prudent stewardship of Party money. Under his watch, the British National Party accounts were passed on time for the first time. Clive said that the Party was in a far more stable financial situation than had previously been the case.

The Party had moved to a more sustainable economic model by raising membership rates to a realistic level and re-building recruitment. At the same time the Party had benefited from legacies which had enabled us to pay back outstanding debts and invest for the future.

Mick Braun from London gave an informative presentation on different techniques for reaching out to the community which included information on chatting on the doorstep to constituents.

A presentation on fund holding was given by Regional Fund holder James Mole. He gave valuable information of what fund holding entails and how to carry out the role in the most effective way possible to maximise results.

Our Rotherham stalwart Marlene Guest gave a great account of the tactics she employs whilst working for the people in Rotherham exposing the various rip-off-merchants who have bled good people dry.

She emphasised the importance of setting roots down and how even just the smallest of good gestures can result in fantastic support for our cause.

Marlene read a very moving poem of how her town had been ruined under the umbrella of the failed multicultural experiment that is being forced upon us the length and breadth of our lands and which no one was consulted on or wants.

The conference ended with a speech from Nick Griffin MEP which included and impassioned call to anyone who has been disillusioned in the past to get back on board with the only true Nationalist vehicle in British politics.

He thanked everyone for attending and making, what in some cases were very long journeys to be amongst good honest like minded people.

When reflecting on this very successful conference Mr Griffin commented;
“This conference was a really positive start to our campaigning year.

The discussion about possible practical community action activities we could develop to highlight our opposition to austerity cuts, homelessness and other symptoms of the banksters' crisis was particularly inspiring.

It was interesting to see how quickly the party is developing a consensus for action in Britain to mirror what successful nationalists are doing elsewhere to prove that we stand by our people with practical deeds as well as fine words.

There is a mature assessment that ours has to be a long-term struggle - a determination to win coupled with a willingness to do the necessary foot-slogging work”
It was great to see old and new faces alike with delegates from all walks of life and from many different regions at this conference.

The sheer volume of people who attended and enjoyed the day immensely is testament that the British National Party is on the way up.

“As with our National Conference in Blackpool there were so many Party Officials in attendance that we will have to consider booking a bigger venue next year; not bad for a party that was thought to be finished a year ago.

Some people will definitely be upset by what they have seen and read in this article.

Political Darwinism is indeed working in our favour” commented National Organiser Adam Walker.

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