Only a traitor and a coward would deny the British people their voice on Europe

Wed, 30/01/2013 - 14:00
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By Ian Bell-Since 2010 BRUSSELS red tape has cost British businesses and taxpayers £695 million, and Britain has passed 422 laws because of the EU since the Coalition came to power.

The total amount could be even higher as the full costs are not yet clear for all departments.
Also, the figure does not cover the full cost of other EU laws that have been passed since Britain signed up to Europe in 1973.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has passed the most regulations since 2010 - 134 in all, costing £470 million.
Anger at EU costs was further fuelled last week when euro MPs voted on thousands of amendments to the Common Agricultural Policy, which could give double subsidies to farmers.

It is estimated the changes could cost EU taxpayers an extra £2.6 billion a year and put up food prices.

These figures alone should give new urgency to sever our ties with the EU.
At least during last week PMQ's we now know what the Liebour Party's position is on the subject, with their leader’s rejection of an in–out EU referendum.

So if you want to keep the EU exactly as it is – vote Labour. If you want to do nothing to improve Britain's relations with the EU – vote Labour. If you're scared of a negotiation – vote Labour.

If you're frightened of the verdict of the people – vote Labour. If you want to keep the whole EU Michelin–starred expense–account conspiracy away from anything as horrid as democratic scrutiny – vote Labour.

The constitutional argument for a referendum on Europe is clear. We elect MPs to make decisions in parliament on our behalf, but not to transfer the powers of parliament to other bodies. That is why the transfer of legislative powers downwards, through devolution, requires a referendum.

So also, since the European Union Act 2011, does the transfer of powers upwards to the EU.
But since we entered Europe in 1975, numerous powers have been transferred without our consent. And the referendum requirement poses a particular dilemma for a party of the left, which seeks to be both internationalist and sensitive to the demands of the people. That is why Labour has always had a bad conscience about Europe.

Either way, Miliband has blown it big time, and Labour Party policy is blatantly undemocratic.
A ComRes poll for the Sunday Mirror and Independent on Sunday put the Tories up five points on 33% following Cameron's speech. Labour was unchanged, with 39%, but its lead had slipped from 11 points to six over a month.

UKIP’s support has fallen by 5 points indicating the dangers of being seen as a 'one issue' Party! What future for UKIP now that their main policy plank has been appropriated by the Tories?

The British National Party has consistently demanded a referendum on our membership of the European Union. As Nationalists the BNP oppose any supra-national body which seeks to impose its will on the British people.

The BNP stands for national independence and putting the British people first. That's why the BNP will be the activist bedrock of a 'Get Britain Out' campaign.

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