One Way or the Other

Wed, 30/01/2013 - 07:00
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By Nathaniel Greene-Over the last three years the British National Party has undergone a sea change not only in attitude but also in practice.
In the old days millions upon millions of leaflets were diligently distributed door to door across the country.

Street by street, against street maps backed up by electoral roll records, activists went door to door delivering up to four party leaflets at a time to voters.

Some leaflets concerned national issues and others local matters.

At local elections this activity increased resulting in party members getting elected to local government and European government.

The media myth that we are a one issue party was dissolved by repeatedly pointing out our concern for every aspect of our society.

This campaign has been extremely effective in highlighting the lies and half truths of the National Union of Journalist's members.

When ever the public reads or hears a main stream media report on a Nationalist party, they now know it is a total lie.

The days of mass leafleting are gone, but every week teams of activists still go out leafleting, because it is a morale booster and still an effective way of attracting new activists.

More and more other tactics are employed that have greater effect. Table top street stalls now spring up on high streets across the country manned by three or four activists.

Most Saturday mornings up to 50 groups go out for an hour or two across the country. Sometimes with a campaign promoting a specific issue such as bringing our troops back from Afghanistan or demanding a referendum on membership of the EU or protesting against cruel halal slaughter.

We ask the public to sign a petition which they do by the tens of thousands. As a result of this we and the general public know there are now two worlds that inhabit our nation.

First there is the government approved main stream media myth of a multicultural global nirvana. Second there is the everyday reality of a divided dysfunctional racist hell hole where the indigenous peoples are subjected to abuse from the ruling elite, their media lackies and immigrants.

We have started to employ other tactics in our campaign to form a Nationalist government in Westminster which will soon deliver better results at the ballot box.

There is now a determined move within the party to sign up our core voters to vote by post. Postal voters tend to vote 8 out of 10 times, whereas voters who go to vote at polling booths are more fickle. To sign up postal voters it is necessary to adopt different tactics and this requires a more sophisticated activist.

This sort of activist needs training, support in the field and high levels of motivation. Canvassing door to door is physically less demanding than leafleting but requires a higher awareness and greater empathy with the voters.

Canvassing just to get a postal vote though is a wasted opportunity, because so many more doors open for us to take advantage of, that we ignore them at our peril.

With a government that has abandoned the elderly and poor British and prefers to squander taxes on EU membership, foreign aid and wars against Muslims, we should take advantage of this government paralysis. Old age pensions are now inadequate failing to cover expensive food and fuel costs.

When we go door to door we should be handing out food parcels to OAPs and collecting donations from everyone else to raise the cash to purchase the food to help our elderly.

Food parcels should contain simple foods: tea, sugar, sweet biscuits, cheese, vine fruits, instant soup etc. As we expand this service, groups should buy food in bulk and repackage it in packaging with the party logo on.

This would provide a much more effective form of advertising. Surpluses could also be given out to the homeless. When canvassing the secret is to ask questions beginning with one of these 5 magic words: what, when, why, where, how.

Any question starting with one of these words invites a detailed response. How are you coping with the cold? What can I do to help? What problems have you got? Why haven't you got any heating? Where does your family live? Why isn't the council helping you? How long will you have to wait for the operation? Where is the letter from the council? You get the idea?

The days are gone of arguing with every Tom, Dick and Harry about how wonderful British Nationalism is. The days of filling recycling skips with party literature are gone.

We are now proving our worth as an alternative social force providing a voluntary social structure which supports and nurtures our people. As we speak with our people we not only find out their problems but help them solve these issues. By doing this we behave like the councillors and MPs we one day will become.

Today's elected politicians have failed their electorate. It is this vacuum into which we are stepping. When voters have a problem they will naturally turn to us for help because they know we can fulfil our promises, unlike the political elite. This all takes training, commitment and hard work.

Training needs to be ongoing week in week out, with canvassing techniques, styles of communication and record keeping developed by hands on practice.

As the party becomes more and more effective in helping our disenfranchised peoples, so we can attract more and more activists. When potential activists can witness our commitment they will want to join us. We can do simple things to up our game by always being polite even when under provocation from leftist thugs.

Our people want a fair and pleasant land in which to live run by smart, polite and considerate people.

By doing and looking the business we will put the fear of God into our enemies and bring hope to our nation. 

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