One rule for us and another for Muslims

Sat, 06/04/2013 - 05:00
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Local people are shocked and horrified at offensive and sexist signs outside a mosque in Crayford, Bexley. The mosque, run by the North West Kent Muslim Association in Crayford High Street, has clearly labelled separate entrances for men and women.

 One local, who did not wish to be named, pointed out “there would be an outcry if we were to label buildings ‘Christian only’ or ‘no whites allowed’, yet Muslims are entitled to display their open discrimination”.

A former local councillor in the area is hoping to organise a protest march, in order to draw attention to the blatant sexism, and against the practice of Muslims praying aloud in the street outside the mosque.

Let us remember that it is not far from Crayford that white Christian street preachers were asked to stop preaching, because the police felt that their message might offend the multi-faith and multi-ethnic community.

“It seems there is one rule for us and another for Muslims”, it was commented.
Muslims treat women as inferior to men, and this form of apartheid has no place in British society.

To add insult to injury, the mosque in question is a building which was once a Christian church. “"To find that fundamental medieval attitude on the streets of Crayford in an ex-Christian church is appalling”, said the former councillor.


“We need to defend our English culture, rights, and heritage”.

Local groups approached the mosque leader in an attempt to have the signs removed, but this was refused. The imam claims that there have been no complaints from the female members of the mosque – which is hardly surprising!

Treating women as inferior is hardly empowering them to complain. The imam adds that he does not believe he is breaking the law because the offensive signs are on private property, however, it would be interesting to see how much that theory would apply should a church be displaying signs of such blatant discrimination.

It is hoped that the local people will continue to protest against this encroachment on our Christian values of justice and equality, and anyone interested should contact the local authority in Crayford to complain.

Alternatively, contact the South East London Organiser, Mike Jones, for more information on what is being done locally.

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