Olympic Test Run?

Tue, 24/07/2012 - 05:00
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By Imnokuffar-The recent incident concerning the assault on the Olympic torch bearer in Gravesend is probably a test run to see reaction times of the Police and security services.

However, a suicide bomber or shooter needs no time at all; they either blow themselves up or start killing those around them and those trying to arrest them.

Alternatively, there is the option of a concealed bomb or car bomb that could be remotely operated. Even if a terror attack does not take place during the Olympics then, sooner or later one will take place in its aftermath.

Sorry to be so gloomy, but that is the truth of it. If someone is determined enough, and has the skills, they can inflict mayhem. If there are 5 or 6 of them, then the mayhem is exponentially greater.
Remember these people have no respect for life, their own or others and believe they are going to paradise for massacring innocent people. But in their eyes no-one who enjoys the Olympics is innocent be they Muslim or not as they are sinning and sinning heinously, as it is the month of Ramadan thus bringing Allah's punishment upon themselves.

This is called blaming the victim or justifying mass murder in the name of religion. The murderers think of themselves as instruments of God's punishment.

Should this happen, I predict a response from sections of the general public that will not mirror the apathetic response after 7/7 and there will be attacks on Mosques and individuals/groups.

The Mainstream Media, including the BBC, politicians and the various apologist Muslim and non-Muslim groupings will not be able to ameliorate or explain away the situation in terms of "extremist minorities" as they have heretofore; because a growing section of the indigenous and non-indigenous communities will not believe them anymore.

Evidence is stronger than fictional representations of reality.
In the short to medium term, I expect that counter Jihad/Anti Muslim terror groups to form as a direct response because some people will see that the government has lost control of the situation.
I am NOT condoning this merely explaining a possible scenario.

When I say "situation", I am referring to multiple situations like the Grooming of our young girls and women, the increasing take over of our towns and cities, the constant threat of terrorism, the continuing waves of third world immigrants, the loss of control of our borders and the arrogance and triumphalism of the Muslims.

This situation will be made worse by the current economic and social climate, that though extraneous to the Muslim threat adds to a sense of hopelessness and disillusion within society thus leading individuals to give up on Democratic means of change.

It will also become apparent that the so-called "moderate Muslims" are a fiction dreamed up by think tanks like the Quilliam Foundation (founded by ex-Terrorists and paid one million pounds per year for "Challenging Extremism and Promoting Pluralism"), politicians, the Muslim Council of Britain that is a Muslim Brotherhood front and the MSM.

We can, as always, expect Crocodile tears from the MCB, but as they do nothing to stop people in their own community from committing these acts that is exactly what they are.

When was the last time you saw masses of Muslims marching through towns to condemn acts of terror committed by the own co-religionists?
"Never" is the answer.

It is not in the Muslim lexicon to criticise other Muslims as they are all of one religion that arrogantly brand themselves as "The best of peoples" (this excepting the various conflicts between Shia and Shiite).

The truth of the matter is that whilst some oppose terror, they do so not because they are intrinsically against it but because it is counter-productive. Alerting the indigenous peoples to the threat posed by Islam and thus avoiding outright conflict that they cannot win at present.

The "moderates" prefer to take the long march towards the subjugation of the infidels by means of the infiltration and subversion of existing institutions, demographic change through immigration and the womb and the slow take over of larger and larger areas of our key towns and cities.

This is, of course backed up by the ever present threat of terror that helps to keep the indigenous peoples cowed and afraid.

The governments in this and other countries are increasingly powerless to combat this phenomenon, preferring to ignore it, pretend it does not exist and to brand those who point it out as "extremists".

This is because they are the ideologically wedded to Multiculturalism, and Cultural Relativism; the very institutions that could combat it have been infested with Frankfurt School clones and effectively de-sensitised to the threat.

We in this party are opposed to the formation of terror groups of any description and have constantly warned the elites in government and elsewhere of the growing problems in our society.

For this, we have been prosecuted, persecuted, assaulted, jailed, sacked from our jobs, banned from the Church of England and certain occupations and generally treated like pariahs.

But we will continue along the Democratic road to change and continue to point out the increasing fault lines that are forming in our society.
Here are some direct quotes from the Koran that show the mentality we are up against.

Qur'an 9:112: The Believers fight in Allah's name, they slay and are slain, kill and are killed"

Qur'an 8:39: "Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah"

If you care for your country, the future of your children and grandchildren then JOIN US.

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