Official UK Energy Policy: Murder 1000 OAPs A Day.

Wed, 03/04/2013 - 06:00
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By John Ball.
After an appallingly awful winter with shockingly low March temperatures approaching 1,500 OAPs have been dying from hypothermia every day.

An indifferent British government led by an incompetent Prime Minister has supervised the mass extermination of British pensioners and vulnerable dependents in a callous experiment that would have made Adolf Hitler proud.

Energy prices have gone through the roof and this ConDem coalition of psychopathic murderers in Westminster have done nothing to protect the weak, poor and vulnerable.

While we witness exploitative energy bosses pay themselves millions in wages and bonuses our useless leaders have taken off for another extended holiday.

The country languishes under a bizarre energy policy where the people pay higher energy prices so that perfectly good energy plants are closed because of the bogus "climate change" fraud that was until recently called "global warming".

The countries' energy is increasingly being supplied by excessively expensive and totally unreliable "renewable" energy sources such as wind farms.

Back up to wind energy is from natural gas which is rising in price day by day in percentage points that suggests energy prices will double in less than five years.

The government's answer to this crisis is to kill off the old poor, infirm and vulnerable. Every day 1000 elderly are dying from hypothermia in this winter.

Where enough are not dying from hypothermia then they are starved to death in NHS hospitals like Mid Staffs and dozens of other NHS run murder camps.

If murder of our elderly was not government policy, then the senior NHS management would not only be forced to resign but they would be facing criminal charges and life in prison.

It is clear Cameron and Clegg have decided to do away with the old and weak as unofficial government policy.
If you are over 65 and poor the British Government's plan is to exterminate you.

It is as simple as that.

As British Nationalists we must look after the poor elderly because no one else will.

As British Nationalists we must make it our priority to keep an eye out for vulnerable people in our community.

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