Now our young cadets are the target of abuse from you know who!

Tue, 18/06/2013 - 13:00
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By Northernscot-A disgusted father has told of how a group of young Air Cadets were racially abused by a gang of ‘Asians’, as local Lancashire paper calls them, outside an Army Barracks in Preston.

Kimberley Barracks where accounts of abuse to British Air and Army Cadets have taken place

Do you think that the alleged abusing youths were Hindu or Sikhs or were they Muslim youths?

The alleged abuse happened last Tuesday evening when police were called after one young cadet was allegedly chased down a street towards Preston North End’s football stadium from the Kimberly Barracks, following a training session.

Can you imagine the fear that the young cadet must have felt with a gang of those people allegedly chasing him, only weeks after the horrific murder of soldier Lee Rigby.

It is understood that a group of Army Cadets may have been verbally abused outside the Barracks the same evening. Police say that there are no security concerns at the barracks and said it was a minor incident.

Police Det Chf Insp Ian Dawson of Preston Police said: We are aware of a minor incident at the barracks and believe it was isolated. We have close links with the barracks and are working, through our diversity team, to establish who the youths are. Preston has a diverse community and we are not aware of any problems.”

The police can say what they like, but it is quite clear that in Northern England things are not as rosy as they would like to think or have us think when it comes to `diversity`.

The local press report that a concerned parent, who did not wish to be named said. “A group of Asian youths were outside the barracks and were abusing the cadets as they came out.

One ran back inside to get a sergeant’s help. Members of the TA who are stationed at the barracks also came out. My step-daughter is in the Air Cadets and we worry about her walking home as it is.

The youngsters were advised not to walk home alone. My step-daughter had been shouted at once before as she left the barracks. It does not put us off sending her, but it frightens me.”

So it would appear that this is not an isolated incident as the police would like us to think with their `diversity` rubbish. Clearly, abuse outside the barracks has happened more than once, and the alleged chasing of a young Air Cadet down a British street, could have ended up with an incident indeed.

This comes in the same week as a video, which was removed on YouTube but still appears across the Internet, of a group of young white girls being verbally abused and young white lads attacked by youths, from the local Pakistani community in Ashton under Lyne in England.

Peaceful co-existence, we don’t think so.

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