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Mon, 13/05/2013 - 06:00
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By Robert the Brucie-The news last week that one of the UN inspectors quite firmly stated that there was no evidence that the Assad regime had used chemical weapons, but the rebels were thought to have had, caused something of an own goal for rebels and Mr Obama.

Strangely the American’s still repeat their view that Assad had used them, and that he had crossed the imaginary red line for new action against his regime.

Yet still there is no proof, just American, British and rebels assertion that they were used.
Now further embarrassment is on the horizon, with the news that Islamic fighters have kidnapped four UN Observers in Syria.

This whilst John Kerry America’s Foreign Secretary is sitting down with President Putin in Moscow. The Russians are taking the more sensible line towards Syria.

They believe arming rebel groups will create major bloodshed and will only end up with the Assad regime being replaced by an Islamist anti-West pro Iranian government.

The Russian’s still pursue a gradual possible change of Syrian government with responsible Syrian representatives from both sides. For some reason the American’s still persist in talking up action to remove Assad.

We ask, what has it got to do with America or Britain? Syria is a conflict being promoted on the false Arab Spring, or nightmare to some observers.

We find the Americans still handing over million upon millions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, supporting the uprising in Libya, where British and Italians along with the French have turned one bad regime, into a situation where Libya is now split.

Tripoli and western Libya is controlled by the shaking government coalition whilst the Benghazi eastern part of Libya is controlled by Islamists fighters.

The British government has already supplied help to the so called Syrian Freedom Fighters and recently talked about supplying heavy transport vehicles.

Yet we have no way of knowing if any of the equipment supplied by our broke and in debt country is not now being used by ant-western Islamist fighters.

Of course the West fail to mention the murder of Christians by the rebel forces, who burn and destroy churches in their scorched ground policy of removing and killing Syria’s two million Christians.

They are forgotten by the Western governments, in their desire to see the rebels remove Assad. Christian will have no place in a new Syria, the same as in Iraq, Libya and Egypt.

Only days ago on Russian TV, a spokesman for one of the Islamist fighter groups gave a warning, that if Israel attacks Syria again and causes civilian deaths of Muslims, then they the Islamist rebels would defend Assad and attack Israel.

Yet again proving that not only the British but also the Obama regime should keep out of yet another viper’s nest.
There are plenty of ultra-oil rich Arab nations in the Middle East who can afford if they want to arm and give vehicles to the rebels if they so choose. This is yet another Muslim war that we the West should keep out of.

Let’s face it; we will get absolutely no thanks from the Islamist government if it wins control of Syria, just a long list of money they want from British and American taxpayers to deal with their needs.

After all this, we ask, why is Barrack Hussein Obama and the British government so keen to possibly arm such groups?

Some might say that “The Free Syrian” organisation is not squeaky clean when it comes to mixing the fight with extremism, against Assad.

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