'Noses to the Trough'

Sun, 10/03/2013 - 07:00
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By Austen Davies-Given the gross inefficiency of wind-farms and the general disrepute into which “green” electricity per se has fallen it could, on the face of it at least, pose something of a conundrum as to why they have ‘generated’ so much enthusiasm with Government.

We ‘fell’ for wind farms in the 90’s – in 1991 to be precise – when the first, Delabole, was built in Cornwall; but they really took-off under B.liar.

The Labour Party’s fighting funds were boosted by a £250,000 donation from the late Nigel Doughty, an investment banker and private equity trader, who owned Nottingham Forest F.C. for a period.

Mr Doughty’s generosity earned him the heady position of Deputy Treasurer of the Labour Party which justified the investment ten-times-over, no doubt.
Oh, and yes, and (nearly forgot!) Mr Doughty was 95% owner of LM Glassfibre who, entirely co-incidentally, are manufacturers of rotary-blades. For wind-turbines.

Moving swiftly up to date we should take a quick look at the faltering career of one Timothy Stephen Kenneth Yeo – the ‘Member’ for South Suffolk, and Chairman of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee.

‘Timo’ has moved an amendment to the Energy Bill that, if enacted, would mean (even more) soaring electricity bills for us tiresome consumers who like to put the lights (never mind the heating!) on now and again – but not everyone would be a ‘loser’:
There will be huge benefits and favours heaped in abundance on Firms involved in ‘green’ energy – and it’s as well for us that we can rely on the integrity of the likes of Mr Yeo.

That’s the same Mr Yeo, incidentally, who was paid £135,970 last year (in addition to his MP’s salary of £65,738.00 (plus ‘expenses’ of course), in addition to his drawings from the businesses he runs with his wife, Diane, in addition to payment in respect of other directorships), by AFC Energy, Eco City and TMO Renewables – all of whom rumoured to operate in the field of ‘green’ energy.

Oh, yes (my memory, honestly!) he is also Director of ITI Energy – specialists in ‘thermal conversion technology’ (‘solar panels’ to me and you, I believe).

And staying with impartiality we have Lord Deben, who some of us might remember better as John Selwyn Gummer, formerly Minister of Shoving BSE-burgers Down his 4-year-Old Daughter’s Neck; quite a stunt(?).

The good Lord is now Chairman of the UK's independent Committee on Climate Change – although putting ‘Lord Deben’ and the word ‘independent’ in the same sentence is not something that is easily done.

The Committee has repeatedly recommended that the target emission of CO2 per kilowatt hour of electricity should be 50g – but as it is currently nearly 500g this would require a 90% reduction of the current performance. Informed opinion within the Committee called that aspiration an “unbelievably aggressive target” – yet supporters of Yeo’s amendment claim it will “promote growth”- which, no doubt, it will; to their bank-balances.

Avarice makes for strange bed-fellows, and Mr Yeo’s support came in the unlikely shape of Labourite and Parliamentary Expenses cheats, Barry Gardiner, MP - one of the very many Westminster Scots with an English seat.

I’m not sure what Barry is looking to get a ‘kick-back’ from yet – but he’ll be wanting to recoup the £15,404.07 of dodgy expense-claims he had to repay for starters.

But back to Lord Deben (or perhaps that should be ‘Lord Deben-ture’):
Our ‘Independent’ Climate Committee Chairman is also Chairman of Veolia Water UK – a company whose business it is to connect wind farms to the National Grid, and whose multi-million-£ subsidiary supplies water systems to half the UK’s nuclear power stations.

And there’s yet another member of the Tory-Blood-Sucking-Old-Boys-Club in the corpulent shape of Charles Hendry,MP - sacked as Minister for Energy and Climate Change last September, and but recently appointed as Chairman of Forewinds, who are about to build the world’s largest offshore wind-farm on Dogger Bank.

The previous Chairman of Forewinds? Why – it was Lord Debenture himself, of course. Lesser men than this would die of embarrassment – but not these disgraceful self-seekers who seem not to know the meaning of ‘shame’.

A quote: "I hate, I hate the dirty cheating bastards who have taken every opportunity to fill their private pockets with public money.. .. they should play no part in public life"

Thus spake Chris Evans, North West MEP, at the Liberal Democrat Conference in Bournemouth, in 2009. Strong words and fine sentiments indeed, from a person who clearly does not sit well with the other grasping reptiles discussed in this article.

If you are reading this, Chris - would you let us know what noble motivations were at the fore when you acquired 10,000 founder shares in the Good Energy Group, owners of the Delabole Wind Farm in Cornwall?

Because we are all at a loss to understand it here . . .
So there we have them – the great LibLabCon-Artists in all their glory. But what of UKIP and the Bold Nigel Farage?
I really don’t think a few puffs (of wind – from a wind-farm!) are enough to excite our Nigel; he is used to frying much bigger fish than that as a high-flying investment banker and City trader – and as such he neatly ‘squares’ this particular circle .

True, he has been involved with some dodgy outfits along the way – Drexel Burnam Lambert whom he joined in 1982 were forced into bankruptcy in 1990 following illegal activities.

And Refco who he went to in 1994 went bankrupt in 2005 following a massive accounting fraud.
Not that any blame could be laid on this bastion of integrity; this stalwart of British Nationalism who’s credentials are beyond credibility.

Yes, that Nigel Farage – he who worked for the state-owned French bank Credit Lyonnais, before it fell apart in 1993, and who joined French investment bankers Natixes in 2003.

Nigel the flyer of The Flag. But whose flag is it Nige?
Oh, it’s your own flag, of course; how silly of us. Your own pockets too, eh? Welcome to the Trough.

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