North East Euro Election Fundraiser

Thu, 05/12/2013 - 10:00
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“Quality, Powerful and Inspirational”’ – Three words that describe a delightful evening in South Shields set up for the North East British National Party’s Euro election fundraiser and the regions’ Christmas party.

The evening was held at a pleasant, welcoming venue and saw more than 80 members and guests from across the North East and around the UK turn up to support fellow Nationalists. 

Chris Thornton, North East Regional Organiser chaired the meeting and introduced the speakers for the evening including the main speaker, our very own Party Chairman Nick Griffin MEP.

Despite the serious undercurrent to the evening with the St Andrews Day theme having been overshadowed by the serious incident across the border in Scotland, the mood was kept light hearted and prior to the Chairman’s speech the audience had all enjoyed a 10 minute address from each of the regions 3 candidates - selected to represent the party in next year’s European elections.

The three (in alphabetical order) were; Lady Dorothy Brooks (NE Deputy RO), Peter Foreman (South Tyneside Chairman) and Martin Vaughan (NE Regional Fundholder), each spelt out their reasons for standing and their aims and intentions.

Although we don’t support the European Union, we must fight these seats and give British Nationalists a voice - we have all witnessed the power that can come from having just one elected MEP, when our Chairman and his small team were instrumental in saving the lives of hundreds if not thousands of innocent men, women and children by risking their own lives to stop the attacks on Syria, and we can proudly say that this Christmas there will be many families enjoying the festive season because of this selfless act.

Our National Organiser Adam Walker then stood up to give a brief lesson on ‘Gorilla Activism’, a process, which the party has been carrying out throughout the country, whereby activists have been descending upon 3 or 4 towns in a single day, spending an hour handing out leaflets to members of the public before moving on from one town to the next, all without the need for a table top stall. Adam and six other activists had in fact handed out more than 12,000 pieces of British National Party literature around three towns in Cumbria before travelling on to Tyneside to attend the meeting.

All of the evening’s speakers offered their solemn condolences to the Scottish members who were in attendance for their countries loss that day and Mr Griffin then led a minute silence. Nick then went on to deliver a superb speech covering varying topics. BNPtv were on hand to capture the evening and you can find the video HERE and the Chairman’s speech HERE.

Once the speeches were finished the mood changed and the splendid buffet was opened, the centrepiece being a cake with a St Andrews day decoration.

After everyone had settled down to eat it was then time to raise some money for the campaign ahead; items were auctioned, raffles held and donations and pledges made, among items auctioned was a short break in Scotland with £100 spending money kindly donated by a member who owns a hotel in Scotland, a 2014 Gold membership, and many other great items.

Then rounding up the night, the music took over and it was time to discuss the evening’s events and share a few pints with friends.

The North East team would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended, including members from Leeds, Burnley, Scotland and Wales and would also like to wish them and all members and supporters a "Very Merry Christmas".

To donate to the North East Euro election campaign or to lend a hand with any activism, Chris or Martin can be contacted on either of the following;  or 07914 550977 or 07944 841659

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