Ninth Rochdale Muslim paedophile finally named

Fri, 22/06/2012 - 10:00
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The evil Muslim predatory paedophile who headed the Rochdale child sex grooming gang has finally been named as Shabir Ahmed.
The 59-year-old from Windsor Road, Oldham can be unveiled after a judge in another case revoked the ban on the media identifying him.

Ahmed,a father-of-four,raped an under-age girl above a Heywood takeaway where he worked as a delivery driver before passing her among other Muslim beasts so they could also sexually abuse her.

He encouraged his victims in the Rochdale grooming case to call him 'daddy'.

The Pakistan-born former taxi driver claimed the young girls gave him the name because he would reprimand them if they misbehaved in the takeaway.

He was one of nine monsters convicted at Liverpool Crown Court in May over the sexual grooming of defenceless girls in Rochdale between 2008 and 2010.

He raped one under-age girl twice and 'aided and abetted' in a third rape by another takeaway worker,Kabeer Hassan who was sentenced to nine years for rape and three years,concurrently,for the conspiracy conviction,at Liverpool Crown Court in May.

Ahmed behaved with no sense of remorse during the Liverpool trial, taking off his t-shirt and tearing out handfuls of his own chest hair in front of the judge in an insane bid to demonstrate he would have left damning evidence of follicles of his own hair at the scene of his crimes.

He regularly accused the judge,the jury,and the police of being part of a racist conspiracy against Muslims.

All the perverts were Muslim and all the five young victims who testified during the trial were white. "It's all white lies," he said. But it was disclosed he repeatedly raped an Asian girl over many years.The prohibition on identifying Ahmed was lifted yesterday after another jury at Manchester Crown Court found Ahmed guilty of yet more sex crimes,this time the repeated rape over several years of the Asian girl.

In the latest case,he was found guilty of 30 counts of rape against the girl from a very young age over many years.

The jury were left unaware of his part in the Rochdale child sex grooming scandal until Ahmed went into the witness box and told all as part of his bid to persuade them he was the victim of a conspiracy against the Muslim community.

He was jailed for 19 years at Liverpool Crown Court in May after a jury convicted him of three counts of rape against one girl, sex assault of another girl, trafficking within the UK and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a minor.

The Manchester jury had been told of the rape and sex assault convictions but not of the other charges and how he was pivotal to the Rochdale case.

The jury in the latest case discarded his defence and found him guilty of 30 counts of rape.

To keep in tradition when these evil perverts are jailed,he smiled as the verdicts were read out.

Judge Mushtaq Khokhar told him:”As you know you have been convicted of serious offences. The court does require further information in your case before proceeding to sentence.”

He adjourned the sentencing until August 2 for the preparation of reports.
He dismissed a request by Ahmed's barrister for instant sentencing.

The victim in the latest case had contacted police about the abuse but primarily decided not to press charges. It was only when police arrested Ahmed over the Rochdale scandal that they returned to the victim and she gave full details of the deep rooted sexual abuse she suffered at his hands.

She told how the fiend continued to rape her even as she sobbed - precisely what he did when he raped a girl of 15 as part of the Rochdale grooming case. She believes she fell pregnant after one of the rapes but had a miscarriage.

During one of several rants during the latest trial, Ahmed screamed: "We are a civilised society. We are the supreme race, not these white b******s (pointing to police officers in court)."

He continued: "You will not get a CBE. You will not get an MBE. You will get a DM, a destroyer of Muslims. You were born one thousand years too late.

You f***ed my community.You destroyed my community and our children.None of us did that.White people trained those girls to be so much advanced in sex.

They were coming without hesitation to Rochdale,Oldham, Bradford, Leeds and Nelson and wherever."
He said the jury in Liverpool has been 'taking instructions' from BNP leader Nick Griffin and later pointed to Rachel Smith, who prosecuted both cases on behalf of the CPS, saying: "I curse you at night. I curse you and your family. You will understand (pointing at Judge Khokhar).

I curse the juries.I curse the media and most of you b******s.Your family will get it.You have destroyed our community... Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Maggie Thatcher.They are all the same.They're all on the take.

They (looking at the police) are on the take.It's true.They are all bent b******s.It has to be taken by average people like you and I. They take all the money and we take all the weight.These (pointing at the police officers) were p****d on by Theresa May.

May you be more p****d on."

Nick Griffin may not have the power to "give instructions" to a jury in Liverpool,but the British National Party have the power on the streets to keep demonstrating and raising awareness about this sick cancer that has its tentacles firmly wrapped around communities the length and breadth of our nation,these beasts are finally being brought to justice,but it is a microscopic portion and we will not rest until every last one of these Muslim paedophiles are taken off our streets,jailed and then deported.

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