Nick Griffin MEP speaks on Iraq/Syria debate in Strasbourg

Thu, 17/01/2013 - 20:00
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Nick Griffin MEP speaking during the EU-Iraq partnership and cooperation agreement debate in Strasbourg.

Full speech below

Mr President

This is a depressing, but predictable report.
The persecution of hundreds of thousands of Christians, One and a half million refugees, Broken infrastructure, Murderous sectarian militias, Daily bombings and shootings, Child prostitution, Honour killings, Female genital mutilation and brutal Islamist repression of women.
So it’s good to see the EU admit albeit indirectly, that Western meddling in Iraq has led to disaster.

It would be even better if the cheer leaders for the illegal war of 2003 that created this shambles were to apologise and learn from their terrible error.

It is utterly hypocritical for members of the globalist elite to shed crocodile tears over the collapse of Iraq while at the same time striving to replicate it in Syria.

Just as in Iraq, so the fall of Assad would lead not to Syria becoming a replica Switzerland, but to its collapse into bloody anarchy and the triumph of Wahhabi fundamentalism.

This meddling has already helped kill hundreds of thousands in Iraq. It's time for a little humility, and to leave Syria to the Syrians

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