Nick Griffin MEP publishes bombshell document!

Thu, 16/08/2012 - 19:00
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‘What Lies Behind the English Defence League?’ That’s the question asked – and answered - in a major article by Nick Griffin.

Extraordinarily well-researched and very well-referenced, this is your chance to learn the amazing truth about how the genuine patriots of the EDL are being exploited by sinister manipulators with direct links to some of the most greedy and dangerous warmongers on the Planet.

Whether you sit down to read it all in one go, or simply dip in and out of the well-defined sections, ‘What Lies Behind the English Defence League’ really is essential reading.

It’s going to make uncomfortable reading for all sorts of people with various agendas,” warns Mr. Griffin. “Obviously the neo-cons and ultra-Zionists will be shocked to be so comprehensively exposed. Some of the many good people in the EDL may be upset to learn that they have been exploited and misled.

Anti-Semitic cranks, who have spotted just a few of the facts I’ve uncovered and used them to attack and demonise “the Jews”, won’t like the fact that the blame is apportioned much more accurately and their idiotically simplistic view of the world gets the criticism it deserves. And Muslims who hear about it and think that I might have changed my mind about the dangers their medieval religion poses to our freedom and British way of life, will be equally disappointed.

The vast majority of ordinary nationalists, together with serious students of modern politics, by contrast, will be as amazed as I was when I first began to piece together this jigsaw. It proves beyond doubt that – while the EDL’s grass-roots members are motivated only by concern about the creeping Islamification of Britain - its founders and financiers have a very different agenda and direct links not only to far-right Zionist terrorists, but also to the war profiteers of the American military-industrial complex."

We urge all our readers to forward this article on to anyone they know with any involvement with the EDL, and to post links to it as widely as possible on the Internet. The MSM have failed to reveal this news, so we need your help to break through the media blackout and help defeat the attempt to herd us all into a stampede for war.  

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