Nick Griffin MEP: Giving Animals Back Their Rights

Tue, 11/09/2012 - 05:00
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Nick was recently contacted on behalf of a non-profit organisation called Give Animals Back Their Rights who are campaigning for a change in the laws surrounding the sale of live animals online.

This organisation asked if Nick Griffin MEP (seen here with one of his family dogs) would promote their government petition and indicated any support would be appreciated.  They have a dedicated team of volunteers who offer support and education on how to re home their pet safely and also to educate people of the dangers that their animals may face if they fall into the wrong hands.
They have alerted us and the public about the dangers of trading live animals via online classifieds, and state that this has grown at an alarming rate and the current laws offer no protection to animals sold or given away via these outlets.

Currently none of the classified websites that they monitor have sufficient posting regulations and even those that do are not enforcing them, therefore animals are suffering the consequences.

They had this to say, "On the 28th June 2012, Sean Deakin 19 years of age, was in court for sentencing on the count of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, resulting in the death of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that he had acquired from an online classified site. He received a sentence of 20 weeks jail time. His girlfriend, Sarah Tame also pleaded guilty to the same crime but only received 150 hours of unpaid work and court costs of £200. This is just the latest example of abuse/cruelty that animals face when given away via unregulated sites."
Please visit their website for more information, and their petition: Give Animals Back Their Rights

Replying on Nick Griffin MEP’s behalf is the response below by his Constituency Outreach office:

"Thank you for your email regarding the 'Give Animals Back Their Rights' e-petition.  As you rightly point out, there has been a proliferation in the sale of pets online in recent years, to the detriment of animal welfare.

"Due to the unregulated nature of the internet, the abuse of animals is rife. The sale of under-aged puppies and kittens; banned fighting dogs; animals undernourished and riddled with disease; endangered species and wild animals is common practice, as is the promotion of puppy farmed dogs and irresponsible breeding; the swapping of animals in exchange for consumer items; elderly pets being sourced as bait or for meat; and animals being sold for fighting and illegal hunting.

"To provide some protection for their welfare, it is essential that the sale and purchase of animals on the internet be subject to regulations and guidelines.

"Nick Griffin has a genuine concern for animal welfare and, since being elected to the European Parliament, has been pleased to support a number of measures designed to prevent animal cruelty and abuse. Please be assured that he will continue to use his status as a British National Party MEP for the North West of England to improve the care of pets and livestock wherever possible."

To find out more about the work that Nick Griffin does in his role as an MEP, visit his website, and follow his tweets, here.

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