Nick Griffin to lead Woolwich march

Mon, 27/05/2013 - 18:00
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Nick Griffin, MEP will be leading a march and motorcade next Saturday, 1 June to demand the expulsion of Islamic Hate Preachers from the UK.

By Pat Harrington

Demonstrators from all parts of the UK will start to assemble at 1300 at the junction between Woolwich New Road and Gunner Lane,SE18 6XN opposite the Barracks. You can find a map HERE.

The motorcade will terminate at the Lewisham Islamic Centre. One of the alleged murderers is said to have attended the mosque. Questions have also been raised about martial arts training which takes place there.

Nick Griffin said:
"The message of hatred promoted by many Islamic preachers is not compatible with our European values. They must be silenced and removed from our Land.

I call on all patriots, whatever their political affiliation to join me in Woolwich and make a stand for our culture, identity and values.
In the event that the establishment take the cowardly 'PC' decision to ban our march and motorcade ignore media reports as whatever happens we will be protesting in some form.

If you are unable to attend the march and demonstration, please make a donation to the Cause here, or call the Central Party Office on 08448094581

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