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Sat, 11/05/2013 - 05:00
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By Man of Kent -BRITISH people of all types recoil from imagining the political evil of which Muslims are capable. It is a natural reaction and, in a strange way, even speaks well of us.

But it makes us vulnerable, especially when we are ruled by traitors.
No one who has read my restrained and sardonic articles can fail to receive the impression of an ancient society helpless before a derisive enemy because of its politicians’ treachery.

My lifetime has been a time when our leaders could malignantly betray us without losing either office or public influence.
But at the grassroots level of politics, throughout the country well-meaning indigenous men and women betray us not rancorously but in all innocence.

They are simply naïve. Their liberalism, a luxury of soft times, is not malevolent. Yet it is proving greatly destructive.
I recently read about the mayor of Newport, Gwent, walking in the vanguard of an annual intimidating 500-strong Muslim procession. Councillor John Guy led the march through the town by Muslims commemorating Ashura, the martyrdom of the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson Hussein.

In these processions, women walk at the back, separate from the men, who chant while beating their hands against their chests.
Addressing the marchers, Cllr Guy said: ‘The Muslim community send a wonderful example of hard work and community spirit. I wish you all success and all the best for this very important day.’

Every year throughout the world ‘this very important day’ is marked by bomb blasts and suicide bombers as Sunnis and Shiites kill and maim each other.

In December 2011 alone, 30 pilgrims in processions were killed by a series of bomb blasts in Iraq, and a suicide attack killed 63 people at a shrine in Kabul where a crowd had gathered for the day of Ashura observation.

We do not know what was behind Cllr Guy’s misplaced respect. As in many other towns, Labour in Newport needs the block postal votes of the Muslims to remain in power.

But I do not believe Cllr Guy was motivated by cynicism or political expediency. I think he is simply ignorant - and too nice.
A former policeman, as a councillor he has probably always been well-meaning and meticulously honest - a thoroughly decent bloke, a nice Guy.

Such niceness is now routinely exploited by cunning settlers, especially Muslims.
During the term of office, elected mayors are non-political figureheads, not allowed to attend political rallies or become involved in any contentious issues.

But by leading this march and making that comment Cllr Guy unknowingly DID become involved in politics, for anything to do with Islam is automatically political.

This Muslim procession was just another date in his full diary, and, before dashing off to his next appointment, he spoke in politically-correct cliché.

He probably knows nothing of the history or background of Ashura, or of anything else to do with Islam. He belongs to the great host of the blind.
The problem is political correctness.

While our towns are being restocked by populations whose culture is alien to our own, undermining our sense of identity, we are forbidden to discuss the phenomenon meaningfully.

Decades of deceitful lack of precision in language have had their inevitable outcome. To degrade language is finally to degrade civilisation.

Political correctness has withered the reach of the English language - and numbed the critical faculties of the likes of nice Guy.
The deceit over the years has been profound.

In the 1960s the official figure for immigrants was ‘only 7,000 males every year’ but the government did not announce that annually a further 50,000 dependants of established immigrants were also arriving.

Many of these were Muslims.
And, breeding prodigiously and encouraging their offspring to reject our values, the Muslim hordes among us now plot to take over our country.

If they succeed, such a catastrophe would make the defeat at Hastings seem like a moderate misfortune. I cannot believe anybody still cherishes the smallest doubt that it is a real danger.

The fact that it remains shrouded in silence is uncanny enough. It is already uncanny when among the great host of the blind some few who can see are expected to live with sealed lips.

And it is not as though politicians such as nice Guy are being outwitted by a superior civilisation. The enemy is primitive.
Islamic civilisation made some contribution to scientific knowledge long ago before lapsing into an unscientific senility.

While scientists in Christian countries were making stunning discoveries over recent centuries, Islam has had no accomplishments in the fields of science, technology or welfare. Not a single Muslim equals Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Darwin, Pasteur or Einstein. For centuries, no Muslim has discovered or invented anything.
When 47 women in 1990 took their husband’s cars and drove them round and round in the centre of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, in protest at the ban on women driving, they were arrested and denounced by the chief religious authority at the time, blind sheikh Abdul Baz, as ‘Communist whores’.

Baz also believed the world was flat.
But still the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, called for sharia law to be widely applied in Britain.

Is Williams as blind as a Baz?
His utterances remind me of a Not the Nine O’Clock News satirical sketch, a solemn mini-documentary entitled ‘The Devil: Is He All Bad?’, in which a trendy vicar played by Mel Smith earnestly argues that the Devil needs understanding and should not be condemned outright, and a suburban couple give careful accounts of the mitigating features of their practice of sacrificing virgins.
It is a wonderful parody of fair-mindedness.

The Christian clergy has long preached the doctrine of pusillanimity.
Not so the Muslims. They are constantly being reminded they need not obey British law.

The Muslim Parliament of Great Britain says in its Founding Charter, ‘For a Muslim, the observance of his host country’s laws is optional.

A Muslim must obey the Sharia and the Sharia alone.’
Demography is used as a political weapon. The mosques, of which there are now more than 400 in London alone, are conducting an organised replacement of our population.

In every mosque in Britain Friday prayers are accompanied by the imam’s exhortation: ‘Bear at least five children each couple.’
Five children each couple is nowadays rather a lot. But the situation is even worse than that. Muslims, remember, are bigamists. So a male Muslim with two wives will produce at least ten babies; if he has three wives, 15 babies. And do not remind me that in Britain bigamy is illegal.

Indeed, British bigamists are jailed. But if the bigamist is Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Somali or some such, it is called polygamy and no one touches him.

And not only that. Even though bigamy is indeed illegal in Britain, the rules on receiving benefits have been changed to allow for it. In February 2008 the Department for Work and Pensions issued guidelines giving recognition, and some benefits, to additional spouses (meaning Muslim wives).

‘Where there is a valid polygamous marriage [sic] the claimant and one spouse [wife] will be paid the couple rate,’ the guidelines ran.

‘The amount payable for each additional spouse [wife] is presently £33.65.’
And some still believe Islam will not be allowed to take over!

Muslims, through their many pressure groups, continue their creeping advance, worming their way ever deeper into society. Things that once seemed outrageous are becoming the norm, and, with the foundations of traditional society rotting, its active virtues undermined, many indigenous people seem utterly confused, paralysed by incomprehension.

Islamic religious instruction among Muslims has been carried out by immigrant imams who have a clear agenda aimed at inculcating Muslims born here with disdain and even hatred for the surroundings. Maintaining the loyalty of the Muslim diaspora, the umma, is a top priority.

Despite this obvious clash of loyalties, the Home Office routinely allows into the country Muslim clerics from Pakistan and the Middle East who speak no English; who, while living on welfare benefits, simultaneously call on young Muslims to take up arms against the ‘enemies of Islam’, which include the taxpayers funding these benefits.

The clerics denounce Britain as ‘the spearhead of blasphemy that seeks to overthrow Muslims and the Islamic caliphate’.
Throughout world history invaders have invariably worked themselves up into a frenzy of hatred against the people they were invading, calling them enemies, with no consideration that if they, the invaders, had stayed at home, there would be no cause for enmity. With malice always goes the fear that credits others with harbouring malice too.

Because Muslims’ religion compels them to be politically ambitious, they cynically become local councillors, stand for Parliament, form alliances of convenience with other types of settlers… some profess moderation in order to be awarded a peerage.

Muslims enter politics to make money for themselves and to get Islam into power. Their success at the ballot box is seen as a ‘manifest victory’ (fath mubin) of their religion.

And all Muslim politicians, as well as parading their invidious commitment to Islam, invariably at some point face suspicions of financial corruption.

Nice Guy, blinded by political correctness, cannot see any of this. He is not hostile to our civilisation, far from it, but obviously democracy is endangered when corruption, politics and a totalitarian religion are so intertwined, and such councillors have to be held to account for their unwitting contribution to the crisis.

As in law, ignorance is no defence.

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