A New Take on Insanity

Wed, 19/12/2012 - 07:00
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By Dr Phil Edwards-Not so many years ago, a common liberal view, promoted by the media, was that “racism” – whether the empirical observation that races differ from each other or simply that people tended to prefer their own race over people of a different race – was described as a mental illness.

But look now at the way some liberals are in a state of panic bordering on insanity - Suzanne Moore, writing in the Guardian (Dec 12th 2012), rejoices in the recent census – “We have become more "foreign", less religious, less married, more likely to be renting than buying houses. This is us all right. Heathen swingers destroying the notion of Britishness” she opines.

It brings to mind the old joke about turkeys and Christmas, but if this isn’t bad enough she goes on to say “I live in London but I leave it often enough to know that parts of the country are pretty white, enough to scare my "white" children because they are just not used to such a monoculture and find it disturbing, unreal and, to be frank, lacking”.

So, her (white) kids are scared and disturbed when in a white society, surely a classic instance of the Marxist inversion of natural instincts and values?

Take them to a psychiatrist, Suzanne!

Fortunately for us, Moore has to acknowledge that “..we don't have one major institution in the land that reflects the makeup [ie diversity] of our country”, and - a note of optimism - “What remains truly "foreign" and a massive failure, is that over the past 10 years, none of our key institutions have managed to transform themselves in any meaningful way.

If anything, they have become narrower, whiter, more male and more elite. The county has changed, the structures that run it should reflect who "we" are.

They simply choose not to. They are not us”.

Speak for yourself, Suzanne!

Jonathan Freedland, also in the Guardian (Dec 11 2012) offers us the following “Perhaps we will remember 2012 as the year we learned who we are.

The London Olympics did it first, offering us a glimpse of a different nation from the one lodged so long in the collective imagination: not washed-up and living on past triumphs, but confident, capable and, above all, gloriously plural”.

Not “washed up” but “gloriously plural” instead, so that’s OK then.

On December 14th, Freedland (again in the Guardian – how will we manage without it!?) asks us to “Raise a Glass to Gay marriage”, outlining just how we have got to the current insanity: - “In 1921, the House of Lords debated amending the sexual offences bill to include not only men but also "any act of gross indecency between female persons".

The first to speak was the Earl of Malmesbury, who apologised for raising "a discussion upon what must be, to all of us, a most disgusting and polluting subject".

Eventually the Lord Bishop of Norwich withdrew his amendment, persuaded that such "vice" barely existed and that a criminal ban risked "advertising" and therefore increasing such horrors.

Throughout the proceedings, the word "lesbian" was not spoken once”.

Those were the days. 25 years ago I never once thought men would marry men, but there you are…

Bringing us up to date, Freedland writes “Less than 25 years ago, a Conservative government could pass a section 28 that made "promoting homosexuality" illegal and banned any state school teaching "the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship" and “..until 2003 no law prevented an employer sacking, or refusing to hire, someone on the grounds that he or she was gay.

Or that as late as 2007, a landlord could evict or refuse to take on a tenant for the same reason. Or that gay men and women could not serve openly in the military until little more than a decade ago, just as the age of consent varied depending on whether you were attracted to people of the same or opposite sex.”

Freedland ponders “What explains such a quick and complete shift?” – easy: mass media promotion, celebs “coming out”, vilification of “homophobia”, spineless politicians etc.

It’s not rocket science.

Interestingly, around 60 members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords have signed a letter in the Daily Telegraph (December 17th 2012) saying the Government has no mandate to redefine the meaning of marriage.

Funny that, I don’t remember there ever being a mandate either sought or given, to convert a racially homogeneous Britain into a multiracial Britain, where some towns and cities now have a minority white indigenous British population.

Few if any politicians wrote letters to a newspaper or otherwise complained about it.

Eric Pickles, Tory MP and the Communities and Local Government Secretary, was reported as saying “..I used to feel that marriage was just for men and women….Now, about a year or so ago I changed my mind.”

Is the same Eric Pickles who said on a recent Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs programme that he was a Communist in his youth and his chosen book was Primo Levi’s book about the Holocaust, his own particular copy being signed by “Holocaust survivors”? Yes, it is.

And finally, Ed Miliband is starting to panic over the multiculti mess Britain has become, thanks mainly to Labour, saying in a speech last Friday that his focus on the promotion of English is not “a "dog whistle" message designed to win over traditional party supporters who are tempted to defect to the British National Party”.

He went on and on about the Olympics and how much we owe to immigrants, completely ignoring the past contributions of indigenous Britons to this great country of ours (note: "ours").

Insane or what?

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