Nationalist Online Thursday 24th January 2013.

Thu, 24/01/2013 - 20:00
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A Nationalist's view of today's news stories.
By Jack Dandelion.


Council adoption services are to be privatised according to Edward Timpson, the children's minister.

There are 4,600 children waiting for adoption in England but the bigoted inefficient Marxist riddled bureaucratic social services are failing to do their job properly.

Charities will also be given the task.


According to a recent survey only 23% of Scottish voters want Scotland to be independent of Britain, compared with 32% a year ago.

Only 34% believe Scotland would be financially better off going it alone, but 59% would be worried if Scotland became independent. It is clear that all sensible people want Scotland to remain part of the union.


Oliver Blanchard, chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, suggests Cameron should stop making cuts to public services.

Britain has been in permanent recession since 2008 and the amount of social upheaval caused by the dysfunctional coalition is too much for the people to bear. What we need, Mr Blanchard is actually saying, is a British National Party administration.


As expected Benjamin Netanyahu slinks back into power. The rest of this week is taken up with forming a new coalition. The warmonger elements have taken approaching half of the Knesset's seats. Yesh Atid is expected to get 19 seats propelling this liberal party into centre stage.

Its leader, Lapid, seeks equality for all before the law. Currently ultra Orthodox Jews receive state benefits and are exempt from military service.

This sort of favouritism is disliked by the tax paying middle classes and Lapid aims to end this abuse of the state by privileged minorities.


Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the opportunist, who is both a criminal and a jihadist, has taken centre stage in the country.

He smuggles to make the money to permit him to promote Al Qaeda's form of Islam.

Across jihadist websites can be seen a picture of the Eiffel Tower and a jet crashing into it with "September 11th" written in red beside it.

Belmokhtar has galvanized Algeria and shown it to be a puppet of the USA.


The American military is changing beyond all recognition under Obama. Not only can gays and lesbians openly serve, but now women will be allowed to fight in the front line.

This may be a great day for sexual equality, but it is a dreadful day for fighting efficiency amongst infantry units that have to deal with the full brutality of face to face combat.


David Cameron will only offer his people a vote on membership of the EU providing they vote him back into power at the 2015 general election.

This is called bribery Mr Cameron, and the people won't stand for it. This two faced liar has made similar promises which he has broken in the past; consequently no one should believe him.

It is interesting he can give the Falklands people a simple in/out vote this year, but not us! Your game is up Cameron, you are a liar and a traitor.

North Korea

The country is carrying out rocket launch tests today along with a nuclear test.

The aim of the exercise is to launch an attack on its "sworn enemy" the United States. No surprises then! The North Koreans know, like we do, that the USA is not to be trusted.


Sales of Global Greed Inc iPhones were lower than expected in 2012. The over priced, under performing, not quite state of the art electronic offering is clearly suffering from Steve Jobs' departure from planet Earth.

The inspiration, the passion, has departed, and all that remains is the greed.

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