Nationalist Online Thursday 21st February 2013

Thu, 21/02/2013 - 20:00
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Thursday 21st February 2013
By Jack Dandelion.


George Osborne our chancellor has almost no chance of even complying with his own warped and misguided economic ambitions. The country is spiralling out of control and he knows it.

While tax receipts are up this month overall government income for the whole year is withering away on a failing economy still being punished by unreasonable and unnecessary demands being made on it.

Government borrowing is expected to be £109billion this financial year down from £120billion last financial year. This dreadful failure of government economic policy is purely because they will not cut expenditure.

Foreign aid has to end and the money wasted on the useless European Union must be kept for our own use. Foreign wars have to stop and that money used to put our economy right.

The Conservative party is so completely out of touch with reality that it is clear they have no understanding of the real world at all.


Recession is in full swing with January revealing a 0.3% contraction in the economy overall. The only positive news has come from Germany with a few export orders coming in.

France however has seen lays offs and falling order books on a par with Spain. The French economy is on the rocks. The Euro zone is one vast economic disaster and it is clear Britain has no need to belong to this failed Marxist experiment.


BAE sales were down 7% last year which has had a devastating effect on profits. Contraction of both UK and US defence budgets plus a dispute with Saudi Arabia regarding escalating costs mean the company expects sales to fall by another 8% this year.

With a company this size in economic free fall major layoffs are only just around the corner. We are witnessing the end game in the collapse of the British economy.

Rather than facing up to economic reality and dealing with our problems here at home we have a buffoon of a Prime Minister wearing fancy dress and playing cricket in India. We need some real leadership in Britain today. We need a British National Party government.


Qantas Airlines has received $125million in compensation from Boeing Global Greed Inc. The Reliant Robin Dreamliner all fibreglass 787 passenger jet has been such a complete failure that the company is now paying out compensation without even contesting claims in court.

It is clear that Boeing now recognises that the concept that it has pushed of a lightweight low cost economy jet built out of unproven technology, is a total failure and that it is only a question of time before the plane falls from the skies killing hundreds of passengers.

While $1billion is being spent every month on keeping the 787 production line going, it is clear production will soon have to stop because not only have airlines lost faith in the 787 but their passengers have too.

Customer requests not to fly by 787 have mushroomed. The 787 Reliant Robin Dreamliner is destined to become just another bad dream like all Global Greed fantasies: a nightmare.


The jury in the trial of Vicky Price was dismissed because the judge in the case failed to control the legal process correctly. Mr Justice Sweeney was so inept and legal council so totally incompetent that they were unable to present the case regarding the devious and manipulative wife of Chris Huhne in a concise way.

Rather that Justice Sweeney and his corrupt friends at the bar face the fact that they were incompetent, Sweeney suspended the jury when they asked a number of questions that showed legal council had failed to communicate adequately with jury members.
We need root and branch reform of the corrupt Marxist infiltrated judiciary and the barrister class they are drawn from.


The Eastleigh by election has turned into a complete farce indicating not only how out of touch with reality all the politically correct media approved parties are, but how utterly devoid the candidates are of common sense or humanity.

The Labour party are represented by a would be murderer who fantasises about his IRA friends murdering Margaret Thatcher. What a creep.

Maria Hutchings, the Conservative candidate, is clearly a plant to make sure the Liberal luvvies won't vote for her anti state school anti gay preferences.
The entire election is being run like a reality TV show and is indicative of what a charade British politics has become.


The Federal Aviation Authority is considering proposals from Boeing regarding the Dreamliner Reliant Robin plastic plane. Boeing has decided to encase the lithium ion batteries in a fire proof container to prevent fire spreading when the batteries explode into flames.

While you may find this proposal incredulous this is the actual submission that is being made. Clearly the idiots are running the Boeing asylum and no one amongst the clinically insane US administration can see a problem with the idea.

What is all the more worrying is that all the technical people in the lower echelons of the FAA have accepted their bribes (approved the idea) and the final solution has "gone upstairs" for final approval by the board of directors.

North Korea

An official communiqué has been issued that further nuclear test are to be carried out later this year together with more test firings of its long range rocket delivery system for the nuclear weapon.

The authorities indicate that they will never stop development of their independent nuclear deterrent citing Libya as a reason why it would be unsafe to do so.

Gaddafi gave up his nuclear options in 2001 under pressure from the US and as a result America and its European allies disposed of the Libyan government in thanks for the cooperation.
North Korea is not going to make the same mistake and intends to keep Global Greed out of its internal affairs.


George Osborne is in a blue funk. With this years budget looming ever closer and his shambolic economic policy in ruins he has, quite simply run out of ideas, not that he had any worth bothering with in the first place.

The problem for George is that no matter what he does it is going to fail because his house (economy is the technical term) is built on sand (fractional banking has been the 190 year old preferred Government approved choice of ground for building on) and this foundation is inadequate.

Our chancellor can only do one thing and until he does it everything else will be futile. He must outlaw fractional banking and close down the Bank of England. The remaining banks can only be permitted to operate on the high street dealing in real assets that actually exist. Then George must issue debt free currency to rebuild the nation's industrial base.

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