Nationalist Online-Thursday 17th January.

Thu, 17/01/2013 - 20:30
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A Nationalist view of today's news.
By Jack Dandelion.


Forty one hostages have been taken captive by an Islamic terror group. Americans, Japanese and British are being held by a group calling itself Battalion of Blood.

One Briton has been killed and several others taken hostage as a result of Britain's involvement in the illegal Libyan and Syrian wars.

We want an end to British meddling in other people's affairs.


President Obama, after the shock of the Newtown school massacre, is launching a campaign urging congress to ban assault rifles.

He sees an opportunity to impose the New World Order requirement of a meek compliant populace on America.


Third quarter turnover is up 2.7% for Argos. The retailer is moving away from catalogue based sales and into internet shopping. Sales are planned to rise to £4.5billion by 2018.

Internet sales account for 42% of turnover which has allowed Argos to avoid HMV's fate.


Victoria train station in London was closed after a Gatwick Express carriage caught fire while pulling into a platform at the end of its journey.

Fortunately no one was hurt unlike the day before when a helicopter crashed just across the river in Vauxhall, killing two people and injuring several more.


After a three year debt crisis the government is tightening the screws still further. Youth unemployment is a staggering 59%.

When teenagers hold parties in the country, guests take heating fuel rather than a bottle of wine these days.

If this is what membership of the EU provides its peoples then only idiots can want to be members.


One bunch of corrupt thugs is challenging another bunch of corrupt thugs for power.

The ruling elite of multi millionaire non-tax payers - in Pakistan the rich have passed a law absolving millionaires from paying income tax - is being challenged by an Islamic firebrand cleric Muhammad Tahril Qadri, who is a front man for the military.


Just about every major country has grounded the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, of which Japan owns the most, to check the plane's faulty electronics.

Battery problems and fuel leaks are endemic on this "Airfix" style plastic plane. So far only 50 are in service, but it looks like this poorly designed aircraft may be grounded for months.

The safety system has failed repeatedly and the electronics clearly need a complete redesign.


Incompetent Northern Ireland minister Teresa Villiers is to hold talks on the flag crisis in Belfast.

After IRA councillors decided to ban flying the Union flag over City Hall, loyalists, denied a fair say in the peace process, have been protesting on the streets.

Villiers has to get the Union flag flying over Belfast City Hall again, just as it does over every other government building in Britain, and stop kowtowing to the IRA traitors.


Agriculture minister Simon Coveney has taken a leaf out of the ConLibDem coalition handbook.

Rather than reveal the illegal horse meat in beef burgers, he has suppressed news of it for over a month.

Politicians can not be trusted on even the most fundamental matters.


Michael Gove is a snob and treats his staff with disdain. He never speaks with them from one week to the next, issuing orders in written directives. He never helps, encourages or thanks his staff.

As we all know, this autocratic leviathan also hates free speech and people who love freedom.

He wants to exclude British Nationalism from schools because as a Conservative he hates democracy just like the rest of the Westminster elite.

Consequently his snobbish behaviour is no surprise.

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