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Nationalist Online Tuesday 14th February 2013: By Jack Dandelion 

Valentines Day news quiz.

Q1, Which Labour politician has failed to learn lessons about sending our troops into other people's conflicts?

Q2, French GDP contracted by what percentage in the first quarter of 2012?

Q3, How many years has Portugal been in recession?

Q4, Which currency has recently lost 20% of its value against the US dollar?

Q5, Who is the Prime Minister of Japan?

Answers within.

Score card: 5 Correct: British National Party newshound, 1 Correct: NUJ reporter, 0 Correct: the Guardian editor!  


A disastrous last quarter for the economy as it shrank 0.6% due mostly to a failure in exports makes economists believe Europe is in recession if the true figures were known.

France contracted 0.3% in the last quarter and had contracted 0.1% in each of the first two quarters of 2012.

For all intents and purposes Europe is now in recession.

The failed EU dictators are leading the European nations into another Stalingrad.

The Euro is on the rocks and the lack of democratic accountability means that the EU can only continue to decline.

Much better if the whole EU fiasco is wound up now or this will end up in civil war and carnage as the European nations fight for their freedom.


Bread and circuses British style is under scrutiny. The Westminster elite are busily trying to protect the major supermarket chains for fraudulently passing off horsemeat as beef.

Any government worth its salt would be instructing the police to arrest and charge the corrupt supermarket directors for dishonest trading.

It would appear though that the government was in this all along and that supermarket prosecutions would soon reveal government collusion.
In Britain today, as in Rome 2000 years ago, cheap (horse meat) foods and rubbish entertainment allows the Westminster elite to get away with blue murder.


Global Greed Inc advances another step towards world domination with the merger of two giant airlines to create a £7billion monster based in Fort Worth, Texas.

AMR Corp and US Airways Global Greed Inc have joined together and will operate under the American Airways brand. AMR, which is bankrupt, will become the majority shareholder.

Interesting how companies move from bankruptcy (fancy word for legal tax avoidance) to major domo in aviation just at the drop of a hat! Sounds like another dinosaur that's too big to fail.


Another corrupt banker who is alleged to have stolen £35million in three derivative deals that lost a Sienna bank £700million has been arrested in Milan.
Gianluca Balddissari, ex-finance director of Monte dei Paschi bank, is part of a five man team being prosecuted for fraud.
Rather than go through this charade yet again, it would be much better if fractional banking was outlawed altogether and the fraudsters that pass themselves off as respectable members of society (bankers) were thrown in prison. It is time that international banking be recognized for the scam it is.

South Africa

Olympic and Para Olympic star Pistorius has been arrested for murder. Famous for his bad mannered insult to the Brazilian competitor who beat him in the London Para Olympics after he had not lost a race for 9 years, it appears he has shot his girlfriend of one year.

Reeva Steencamp, a model, was shot twice, once in the head and once in the arm.

Pistorius lives in a select gated community in Pretoria which suffers from a high level of crime.

It is thought he may have mistaken his girlfriend for a burglar.


An Australian Jew working for Mossad has been silenced by the Israeli security services within a secure secret service prison. The murder is being passed off as a suicide which is a ridiculous assertion.

These sort of prisoners are watched night and day and precautions are taken to prevent suicides.

Since the murder took place shortly after the prisoner's interview with his legal council, it is more than likely Mossad listened in to the interview, didn't like what they heard, and terminated any possibility of the truth getting out.

34 year old Ben Zygier was arrested in February 2010 and had worked with Israeli intelligence for some years. Israel has a record of murdering its own spies especially when they become disillusioned with the Zionist states lies and half truths. If you base your society on a lie even your own supporters eventually turn against you.

Only a mad dog kills its own. We saw that with the Gestapo is Germany and we are witnessing it today in Israel.


The value of the Yen has dropped 20% against the US dollar in the last three months as the government has put pressure on what has been a moribund central bank to kick start the economy.

In the last quarter the Japanese economy shrunk by 0.1% but Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been pushing for action to prevent deflation worsening. The export reliant economy has been helped by the recent devaluation which has encouraged export sales to increase lifting the economy.


After a 1.6% contraction of GDP in 2011 recession has become entrenched with a further cut of 3.2% in 2012. The country has been in recession for three years and is now in a worse economic state than it was in the 1970s.

"The numbers are a bad sign as we start 2013. Regardless of how well the budget policy is executed, a sharp drop in economic activity restrains tax revenues and makes it more difficult for Portugal to reach its budget goals", says Jose Brandao de Brito, chief economist of Millennium bcp bank in Lisbon.

The Portuguese people should not have to suffer this indignation at the hands of useless EU politicians. Portugal should withdraw from the EU and go its own way. The EU has failed and it is time the EU fraud was wound up.


Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy, intoxicated by blood lust, wants to commit even more troops from our shrinking armed forces around the world to teach those countries how better to fight each other!

It is clear that mad dog Jim Murphy is a bit thick. After his government's disastrous policy decisions to invade Iraq and Afghanistan this congenital idiot wants to impose even more disasters upon the world and on the British people.

Quite clearly the Labour party under Miliband is still completely out of touch with reality and its shadow ministers are as inept and stupid as ever.

We announce the first winner of idiot of the year: Jim (I've never learned from mistakes in my life) Murphy.

We can only hope that Labour fail to get elected in 2015 with idiots like Murphy in the party.
What the country needs are some sensible British National Party policies.

We will start by withdrawing British troops from all overseas conflicts, withdrawing from the EU and protecting our borders.

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