Nationalist Online Saturday 9th February 2013

Sat, 09/02/2013 - 19:00
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Nationalist Online Saturday 9th February 2013: By Jack Dandelion

News Quiz

Question 1: 3000 refugees a day are flooding in to which country?
Q2: Tessalit is 30 miles from which border?
Q3: Where can you find a Sturgeon in government?
Q4: Which bank has been compared to Rome?
Q5: Raping women seems to be standard crowd control procedure in which country?

Answers below.

Score card: 5 correct: newshound. 4 correct: finger on the pulse. 1 correct: NUJ reporter. 0 correct MSM editor.


We've had the smoke and mirrors bit of Cameron renegotiating the European budget, but what the pro-Cameron British press haven't told us is that this deal is not binding, since it depends on approval by the European parliament.

The Dutch have been pressing for cuts too, but the rest of Europe is not interested, especially Romania and Poland and especially greedy France who perceives any reduction as a personal attack on its farming scams.


With a population of just 4 million the country is being swamped by 3000 refugees a day fleeing Syria. 260,000 refugees have already arrived in the last two years and these new arrivals threaten to destabilize the precarious political position of the country's government.

Having suffered 15 years of civil war itself and its population finely divided between Christian, Sunni and Shia Muslims that are themselves in a state of flux, a large influx of Syrian Sunni Muslims will destabilize the nation. The UN wants to construct refugee camps in Lebanon but to survive it is clear Lebanon must close its borders to stop any more refugees entering or be drawn into this regional conflict.


Horse meat it seems tastes the same as beef since it appears the British consumer cannot tell the difference. Just about every supermarket and fast food outlet in Britain has been committing fraud by passing off horsemeat as beef. Blame has been placed upon Irish and French suppliers, but surely this case of fraud should be placed squarely on the shoulders of Britain's dishonest retailing industry?

Supermarket retailers are increasingly cutting corners to increase their profits and this is just another example of retailing fraud. The government seems all too keen to ignore this fraudulent behaviour which makes one feel that supermarkets are held in the same high esteem as bankers by Cameron.


French paratroopers have taken Tessalit in a daring raid. They appeared out of the blue jumping from just 300 feet in a V-formation onto the airfield just like they used to do in Vietnam. Within minutes the airfield was secured. Other units landed around the small town some 30 miles from the Algerian border.

Tessalit is the only place fuel is readily available and control of this strategic town cuts off any retreat north the Al Qaeda rebels might have been contemplating. They are now trapped in northern Mali and are being hunted by Chadian, French and Malian forces.


The funeral of the secular leader of Tunisia's main opposition to the new islamist government has been marred by violence. State troops and helicopters have attacked mourners at Chokri Belaid's funeral.

Since President Zine al-Abedine Ben Ali fled in January 2011 islamists have taken control with increasing numbers of attacks on the secular elements of the population by Salafi terrorists. For a country whose entire economy is based on western tourism Salafi terrorism means only one thing: economic ruin.


Barclays Bank is laying off 1000 staff in a bank restructuring aimed at averting its more aggressive business instincts, which have led the general public to perceive the fractional banker as nothing more than a conmen on a par with New Labour.

Antony Jenkins, Barclays new boss, compares the bank to latter day Rome that acquired bad habits by employing mercenaries to do its dirty work. Rome's real problem in its latter days was excessive immigration which weakened its institutions and resolve, which is exactly what we are seeing today in Britain.

While it is good PR to think the Barclays leopard might change its spots it is hardly likely. What we need is banking that is not based on fractional banking and that we will never get, so Mr Jenkins is just playing Charades with us.


Hard line Muslim clerics have called for the assassination of opposition leaders and have claimed the mass raping of women out protesting on the streets is justified.

Opposition leader Hamdeen Sabahy said that these state approved death threats meant nothing since the will of the people is more important than the tyrannical threats of a discredited Muslim Brotherhood dictator.

President Mursi's police thugs have murdered 59 and injured over 600 protesters in what is becoming the imposition of another fascist dictatorship on an unwilling and once free people. Muslims talk democracy when in opposition but always behave like fascists when in power.


Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon SNP thinks she can have it all. Should Scotland vote for independence this arrogant Scottish National Party politician thinks that British intelligence services would provide information to her government?

Home Secretary Teresa May has pointed out that Britain only shares intelligence information with trusted countries and that just like the rest of the world Scotland will have to prove they are trustworthy.

The SNP are clearly living in cloud cuckoo land. Do they really believe that if they stab us in the back with one hand they are going to take free intelligence information with the other?
Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon cannot have it both ways.


Child poverty is much greater than the government is prepared to admit. Official figures suggest 3.2million British children live in poverty because the criteria for assessing poverty is flawed. The real figure is closer to 5.3million since many families fall outside the incompetent social services target groups which are not reported.

If ever there was a need for our uncaring government to stop foreign aid and spend this wasted resource on our own people, then this is it.

Unfortunately overseas aid has become a self perpetuating industry. We need root and branch reform which means kicking out the 50,000 civil servants that perpetuate the foreign aid fraud to save the 5 million deprived British children.

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