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Sat, 26/01/2013 - 21:00
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A Nationalist view of today's news. by Jack Dandelion. 


The country is on the brink of civil war as the liberal elite who ousted Hosni Mubarak now realise that they kicked out one dictator only to find him replaced by another even worse dictator.

President Mohamed Mursi is proving deeply unpopular, except with Muslim fundamentalists, because he wants to turn the clock back to 7th century standards with public executions, flogging women and the reintroduction of slavery.


Despite the protests of loyal British subjects, David Cameron is still supporting the IRA murderers and bigots who have removed the Union flag from Belfast City Hall, where it has flown every day for more than 100 years.

What is it about these IRA terrorists, that blew up half of Britain and murdered thousands of British subjects including politicians and royalty, that Cameron likes? Or is it that Cameron is a traitor just like the IRA?

Birds of a feather stick together, as the saying goes.


The airline that has the largest fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliner plastic fibreglass passenger jets has cancelled all flights until February 18th.

All Nippon Airways has lost faith the Boeing Global Greed's Reliant Robin of air travel, because these "Airfix style" plastic monstrosities are so badly designed that they burst into flames or leak fuel at the drop of a hat.


The gay marriage bill will ensure that more and more innocent people with traditional morals will be victimized and bullied by homosexual perverts and Marxist traitors.

Marriage has always been for the reproduction of the human race, never for the justification of sexual perversions. Maria Miller, culture secretary, should remember this, before she makes an even bigger mess with this government's mismanagement of Britain.


Where do these cretins called judges come from? A poor little darling Al Qaeda terrorist who tried to poison half of London with Ricin is allowed to stay in the UK.

This is because he might commit suicide if he was sent back to the cess pit he crawled out of in Algeria.

Kamel Bourgass, would be mass murderer, is to stay in Britain at tax payer expense. Our judiciary are stark raving mad.


Hypocrite arch-dictator Nick (I'm more equal than you) Clegg is sending his little darlings to a private school.

This liberal pervert, who is imposing his version of equality on us, has decided he is more equal than everyone else and therefore his children will have a private education.

We do not need this puerile equality junkie in Westminster. Please go shrink your head Clegg.


The Muslim terrorists are under constant air attack from French jet aircraft as well as being hammered by French backed government forces.

Al Qaeda and Salafi Muslim thugs are being crucified by a regiment of the French Foreign Legion.
These Islamist bullies are very good at beating up defenceless women and children, but when faced by professional soldiers they fight like women, running away at the first whiff of battle.


Another fractional bank has shafted its customers and shareholders. Monte Paschi Bank of Sienna has lost over US$1billion in derivative deals.

This Italian branch of Global Greed Inc,which is the 3rd largest bank in Italy, has rocked the financial establishment after it managed to hide these losses through creative accounting for several years.

It turns out that this bunch of liars and thieves wants €3.9billion of tax payer's money to bail them out. Line the directors up against a wall and shoot them.

Anything else is a waste of time with fractional bankers.


Radical Islamist elements have completely taken over the anti-Assad fighting.

David Cameron finds he is supplying the same bunch of murderers and terrorists in Syria that he is fighting in Mali.
Salafi fighters are adored by the Sunni Syrian population.

Does gullible traitorous David Cameron realise that by helping Syrian terrorists with one hand he is shooting himself in the foot in Mali with the other?

Our Prime Minister is a bit thick isn't he?

Do we need such an intellectually challenged Prime Minister as this?

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