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Sat, 19/01/2013 - 20:08
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A Nationalist view of today's news.
By Jack Dandelion

Manchester Airports Group (MAG) has bought London's Stanstead Airport for £1.5billion from Heathrow Airport Holdings. MAG already own airports at Manchester, East Midlands and Bournemouth. Founded in 2001 the company is owned by a group of Manchester boroughs with corrupt Manchester City Council owning 55%. The undemocratic city council has its nasty little fingers in all sorts of unexpected pies.

A metropolitan police officer who served for over 30 years died last week from a blood clot just two weeks before he was due to retire. Paul McKeever was the police federation chairman. He fought government cuts in manpower and pay. He will be sorely missed.

Our weak and ineffectual Prime Minister is being told what to do by the Dictator of America. Obama has told Cameron that Britain is not allowed to leave the EU. Obama should keep his nose out of our affairs and Cameron should listen to the electorate and withdraw from the EU today.

After the hostage disaster where the Algerian army recklessly attacked a gas plant occupied by terrorists; The incompetent military are preventing diplomats from countries whose citizens have been killed from obtaining any information or investigating what has happened. The Arab spring has now turned into a bitter Arab winter as a result of Cameron interfering in north African politics by murdering Gadafi.

Aviation safety officials have finished their initial investigation into the unreliable battery systems of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The company will continue production of the "carbon composite" (glass fibre) aircraft at the rate of 5 a month, but suspend deliveries until the battery problem is solved. This Reliant Robin of the aviation industry looks like another Global Greed Inc shabby rip off, that will always be hamstrung by design faults.

Drug addict and confidence trickster racing cyclist Lance Armstrong says that a lifetime ban on him competing in cycle racing is like a death sentence. He should have thought of that when he decided to cheat. This drug addict should be in prison.

The Belfast Telegraph is not willing to support the loyalist protesters and get the Union flag flying over City Hall again. Instead it is appealing to all IRA supporters to join David Cameron in stabbing Britain in the back. The Union flag traditionally flies over all government offices in Britain, so we have to ask why has Cameron sided with IRA Marxist wreckers in Belfast? Is this the first step of a government plan to completely ban the Union flag from flying anywhere in Britain?

Marxist wreckers have attacked elements within the Church of England who want to hold true to Christian teaching. The House of Laity threw out the treasonous proposal of appointing women bishops. All female clergy go against Christian teaching, but the Marxist wreckers in society have forced this abomination on us. What we need to do is kick the Marxist wreckers out of the Church.

Animal abuse is rife in Britain's slaughter houses. A horse abbatoir in Nantwich Cheshire was found to be beating horses with iron bars and killing animals (illegally) in groups. Two slaughtermen have lost their licences as a result.

This is just one example of a trend in British society to abuse animals for slaughter, highlighted by the barbaric Muslim halal ritual killings where animal's throats are slit and they are left to bleed to death, drowning in their own blood.

Slaughter of animals should always be by the most humane method. Any other method should be outlawed and perpetrators imprisoned and fined.

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