Nationalist Online - January 4th

Fri, 04/01/2013 - 18:00
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By Jack Dandelion.
A Nationalist view of today's news.


Cameron pledges "real change on EU" at next election.

Where have we heard this old chestnut before?

Oh yes, every time this habitual liar and traitor feels threatened by his own incompetence he rolls out the same old lie.

What we want is to leave the EU today.


A Pakistani terrorist living in the UK has been extradited to the USA. Twenty six year old Abide Naseer was arrested as part of an Al Qaeda group of terrorists in April 2009 while planning to bomb Manchester City centre.

He was also involved in bomb attacks in New York.
All of these terrorist sympathisers should be kicked out of Britain.


"Claims that 180 years ago Argentina was 'stripped' of the Falkland Islands are unfounded. No Argentine population was ever expelled.

It was an Argentine garrison that had been sent to the islands to try to impose Argentine sovereignty over sovereign British territory.

Until the people of the Falkland Islands choose to become Argentinian they remain resolutely British." So reads The Sun's advert in an Argentinian paper.

Seeing that Murdoch is an out and out Nationalist it is clearly about time he and The Sun started supporting the British National Party.


The country has fallen back into the red. The economy shrank by 0.2% in the last quarter of 2012 because of the appalling ineptitude of this government. It is wasting its time on irrelevant gay marriage rather than getting our country out of this dreadful recession.


Transocean Ltd is paying the US government $1.4billion. The companies' crew that manned BP's Deepwater Horizon rig in The Gulf of Mexico were to a great extent responsible for the enormous oil spill in 2010.

We should take this as a warning of what will happen here unless we ban oil fracking in the UK.


The Pakistani girl that the Taliban tried to murder because she wanted an education has been released from hospital.

All children like this girl Malala Yousafzai are entitled to an education. Islamists thugs who don't like girls having an education outside of Islamic indoctrination should be thrown in prison.


The rulers that have an iron grip on this country have closed down a leading online pro-reform magazine because it asked for political reform and constitutional government.

In Britain, just as in China, publications that seek political reform are persecuted by the government. We must be ever vigilant in our fight to protect our freedoms.


Ulster protesters in Belfast have been attacked and beaten up by police thugs.

After the Marxist British government in conjunction with their IRA friends removed the Union flag from Belfast City Hall loyalists have been holding protest demonstrations.

They want to get the Union flag flying back up above City Hall as it has been for every day of the year for longer than people can remember.

The British government should be supporting the Ulster loyalists not pandering to their IRA friends.

Shame on you David Cameron.


President Chavez is still seriously ill. He has pneumonia and it seems more than certain that even if he survives he will have to step down.
New elections will have to be announced soon or the country will slide into chaos.

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