Nationalist Online January 31st 2012

Thu, 31/01/2013 - 20:00
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A Nationalist view of today's news by Jack Dandelion


House prices rose in January by 0.5% according to a leading building society. Prices are very similar to a year ago.

The Funding for Lending Scheme launched by the Bank of England last August is just more window dressing.

Really what these figures show is that the economy has stalled because the government is now lining its pockets rather than getting Britain back on track.


The Financial Services Authority says that Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and RBS miss sold tens of thousands of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policies and as a consequence have had to pay out £12billion in compensation.

But now a further £10billion in compensation is being paid for miss selling "interest rate hedging" products to small businesses, many of which went bust as a result.

These greedy banks, which base their profits on dishonesty, should be closed down. They make drug dealers look like Sunday school teachers.


Royal Dutch Shell profits last year rose 15% to £3.5billion. Now you know who is making all the money from high petrol prices. Per day oil production is 3.3 million barrels which is expected to rise to 4 million barrels per day by 2017.


Deutsche Bank made a loss of £2.2billion in the last quarter in a nice little tax dodge.

They paid out £1billion in legal charges and £1.2billion in a fiddle for what is euphemistically referred to as restructuring charges but is just a fancy way of avoiding tax.

Germany's largest bank uses all the standard Global Greed Inc. tricks to rip off the tax payers of Europe.


Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin is supervising another government cock up to cover up a behind the doors deal with its friends. The Great Western rail franchise bidding competition has been cancelled to give FirstGroup an extension to its contract. Wonderful when you have friends in high places, dreadful for tax payers as they get ripped off yet again by this amoral government.


As the old saying goes "never trust a man with a beard because he is hiding something."

Bearded Mariano Rajoy, leader of the ruling People's Party, has been accepting bribes and pay offs for more than 20 years according to a leading Spanish paper.

Rajoy authorised hundreds of dubious building schemes for his friends from whom he has received backhanders and other payments. Another crooked politician lining his pockets.


Boeing is on the point of being sued for billions of dollars for lost business by All Nippon Airways. After the grounding of the all plastic 787 Dreamliner over safety problems, the Japanese launch company for the 787 has lost £9.4million in revenue, has grounded all 47 of its 787s and laid off 150 787-trained pilots.

Its Boeing 777 fleet of aircraft are struggling to cope with the extra passengers.
The 787 Reliant Robin of aviation uses 20% less fuel than conventional aircraft but has the unfortunate habit of leaking fuel and bursting into flames.

This fibre glass flying dragon is a disaster waiting to happen. Passengers have completely lost faith in the Deathwish 787 as it is now referred to!


Warmonger David Cameron, not content with needlessly sacrificing our troops in Afghanistan, has decided to sacrifice some more keeping another crooked Muslim dictator in power in Algeria.

Our military will be used to keep Abdelmaleh Sellal, an even worse dictator than Robert Mugabe, in power.

Clearly Cameron feels more comfortable consorting with dictators who cancel elections, when they don't fancy their chances in a fair electoral fight.

Why is British tax payer's money being used to support yet another Muslim dictator Mr Cameron?

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