Nationalist Online January 29th 2013

Tue, 29/01/2013 - 20:00
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A Nationalist view of today's news.
By Jack Dandelion.


Scottish separatists have yet to work out how to protect their breakaway country should it gain independence. Despite recognising terrorism as a major threat there are no plans to set up equivalents to Britain's MI5 and MI6. Alex Salmond's half baked plans should be shelved now. Britain should stay united.


According to a new survey two thirds of voters have completely lost faith in George Osborne's ability to steer the country through today's economic storms. While government claims we are not in recession anyone with even a little perception knows we have, for all intents and purposes, been in continuous recession for 5 years. Unfortunately George I-have-never-had-a-proper-job-in-my-life Osborne is not up to the job, not fit for purpose. Britain needs a Nationalist government to get us out of this mess and needs it now.


Without a single weapon being fired in anger 250 Malian and 950 French soldiers took control of Timbuktu's airport and surrounded the town yesterday. Later Al Qaeda terrorists who had been holding the town, on the banks of the River Niger, fled after raising several buildings to the ground.

Al Qaeda terrorists are on the run everywhere after also abandoning Kidal on Monday as well. They have retreated to mountains in the north, but this is Taureg country and the Tauregs have already done a deal with the French to kick Al Qaeda out. It looks as if Al Qaeda's days in Mali are numbered.


You can see who runs Britain today after Gerald Scarfe's cartoon on Israeli Zionist hypocrisy in Rupert Murdoch's Sunday Times was condemned. The Board of Deputies of British Jews were aghast that anyone would have the temerity to criticise Israel on Holocaust Day!

The endless 'celebration' of the persecution of European Jewry by Britain's enimies during World War Two is of course primarily intended as a propaganda weapon for just such eventualities.

Murdoch (himself partially Jewish by decent and a staunch Christian Zionist) has been forced to apologise for exercising his right to free speech.

Anyone who doubts that 'professional Jews' have enormous clout in Britain please take note! We British took them in as refugees from persecution and now they persecute us. We are persecuted by militant Zionists for excercising our right to free speech and it was our armies that stopped Hitler's holocaust. This is the thanks that we get. Stop all immigration now.


Royal Bank of Scotland executives claim they are not responsible for the Libor rate scandal even though it was they who took the bonuses for the successful scam. They are, however, happy to shell out tax payer's money on a £500million fine to British and US authoritise. Justice must be done and these criminal fractional bankers should be imprisoned for 10 or 15 years. Only by punishing bank executives properly will the public get justice and bankers start behaving responsibly.


Insurance companies need a full investigation of their dishonest business practices. 2000 complaints are being made every working day regarding miss sold loan insurance. Isn't it about time these confidence tricksters got a stretch in prison for fraud?


As the country dissolves into civil war the new dictatorial president imposes curfews and the head of the army claims political strife is pushing the state to the brink of collapse.

The real reason though, is lack of money. Egypt under the economically inept president Mohamed Mursi has failed to earn any significant amounts of foreign currency in the last two years and is to all intents and purposes bankrupt. All Muslim states are failed states and Egypt is no exception.


The country's third largest bank is on the point of collapse and like the corrupt British banking system is now dependent on tax payer's money to support it. The problem lies with the corrupt directors of Monte dei Paschi bank who think it is right and proper to bribe politicians. The problem also lies with the corrupt politicians who take the bribes. Italian leaders are just as corrupt as British leaders by the look of things, and these perverts run the EU.

South Africa

A new mobile phone video of police shooting miners in their backs from last August has come to light. 34 men at Lonmin's Marikana platinum mine were killed by police bullies in a scene reminiscent of apartheid South Africa. The video shows police officers bragging about the killings. It is clear that claims the police were firing in self defence were fabricated.

Apartheid Jacob Zuma style is now the standard in his police force. One corrupt coward being kept in power by his apartheid style bully boy police force.

Fortunately, nothing as bad has happened in Britain, although the current unravelling of police lies about their brutal handling of the Orgreave demonstrations during the Miners' Strike is long overdue and welcome.

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