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Fri, 21/12/2012 - 19:00
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By Jack Dandelion-A Nationalist view on Current Affairs


Almost no growth in the economy points out that George Osborne is the worst chancellor in the Western world today. Growth in Britain is as good as stagnant with a claim our service industry grew just 0.1% in October, but even that might just be wishful thinking.

It is clear we need a new style of government and the British National Party offers the only hope our people have.

Withdraw from the EU, reinvest in British industry, and kick out useless idle immigrants that drain our resources.


Chaos in America over tax. Obama wants to increase tax on everyone earning over $400,000. House of Representative speaker John Boehner wants tax increases limited to people earning over $1million, but he could not get enough support from the conservative Republicans in the house.

Now the bickering, infighting and obfuscating begins. But it is clear the American system has something to teach our corrupt politicians.


An Omani order with BAE systems worth £2.5billion is the first major contract signed since the company failed to merge with EADS. The order is for 12 Typhoons and 8 Hawk trainers.
The government must do more to support British industry.

The billions squandered on foreign aid must be used to re-establish industry.


Andrew Mitchell is set to be fully reinstated after it is revealed the whole "plebgate" affair was a stitch up by the Metropolitan Police. The corrupt and dishonest police force has lost all respect with the general public.

Bernard Hogan Howe, the recently appointed Metropolitan Police Commissioner, is clearly incompetent and should resign.

We need to start again, disband the police and establish a new force based on honour, truth and fair play.


Assad's military has been firing more Scud missiles, the totally dishonest NATO intelligence service claims. Using this fabricated excuse USA forces have established themselves in southern Turkey.

It looks like the west is on the point of invading Syria and explains Camoron's plans to withdraw early from Afghanistan to use our troops to invade Syria.


Muslim perverts in London are branding their wives and daughters witches because they have become too Westernised.

Asma Hussain of Poplar was beaten for 8 hours by her son, son-in-law and husband for being too westernised.

The local imam used his walking stick to beat her as well and water boarding was used to simulate drowning. London's chief crown prosecutor says thousands of Muslim women suffer abuse at the hands of sadistic Muslim men in London.

These Muslim perverts should be repatriated to their countries of origin.

We have no need of these anti-western violent thugs in Britain.


Research in Motion the maker of Blackberry is accepting payments from Nokia after their patent dispute. Struggling Nokia has spent £37billion in the last two years trying to boost its flagging sales.


Tribal fighting continues in and around Mombasa. More than 200 people have been killed or wounded and villages burnt to the ground. Do we really want these sort of people coming to live in Britain? No wonder we have street riots all over what was the fair and peaceful land called England.


The French economy is in serious trouble with growth having dropped from 1.7% last year to a scratch over zero this. The EU's employment regulations are strangling French industry.

It is clear France will have to leave the EU unless it wants to remain in permanent recession.


The Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards said today that legislation is needed to force banks to separate retail banking from investment banking. Bankers can not be trusted.

The British National Party would limit banks to high street banking only, cancel the bogus national debt and issue a new debt free currency to invest in rebuilding infrastructure.


Lobbying and campaign groups within the country are to be banned if they receive financial help from any US organisation.

In an attempt to outlaw Zionist neo-conservative funded movements in Russia like England's EDL or British Freedom Party, all US involvement in Russian internal affairs has been banned.

We need similar laws in Britain to protect our freedoms and when the British National Party forms its government foreign nationals will be prevented from interfering in our internal affairs.

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