Nationalist Online - December 28th

Fri, 28/12/2012 - 18:00
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By Jack Dandelion-World news from a Nationalist perspective.  


A "hard slog year" is forecast in Britain for 2013 by an employment agency. 120,000 public sector jobs are due to be lost and there does not seem much chance that the private sector will be able to take up the slack.

Britain needs to leave the EU, stop foreign aid and end foreign wars and use that money to invest in British industry to get the British economy back on track.


Muslim Razwan Ali Anjum abducted 6 year old Atiya Wilkinson on November 6th 2009 and took her to Pakistan to sell as a child bride. Anjum is currently in prison and the girl, now 9 years old, is on her way back to Manchester to be reunited with her mother.


Terrorist leaders have refused an invitation to visit Moscow to negotiate a peace deal with President Assad's government.

The Muslim Brotherhood wants to totally destroy secular Syria and set up a fundamentalist dictatorship just as they have in Egypt. Consequently negotiations are off the agenda.


More than a million people have the vomiting Norovirus bug this year. Hospitals and schools have been closed as a result. Personal hygiene is essential.

The problem is that for most immigrants personal hygiene doesn't exist and they contaminate food in supermarkets and restaurants where they work.

The government needs to run a campaign educating immigrants about personal hygiene.


Labour leaders are divisive because they always attack southerners and praise northerners a report says. John Denham, a former Labour cabinet minister, says Labour leaders are alienating people in the south.

It is clear though that all politicians are alienating the entire electorate through their arrogant behaviour, which shows that John Denham and Labour are just as out of touch as Nick Clegg and David Cameron.


Sex pervert and paedophile Jimmy Savile was in love with Margaret Thatcher and they were in regular contact by letter. A 1980 love letter reveals his feelings for her.

Since they celebrated 11 consecutive New Year Eve's together it is becoming clear that Savile was the establishment's pimp supplying children for the pleasure of the rich and powerful.


A poll conducted yesterday by a pro-EU paper shows that only 40% of the British electorate want to stay in the EU.

A third of all LibDems want to leave the EU too the report claims.

Nick Clegg, when told of the result, said the people are wrong about Europe and that he is going to take Britain into the EU.

He has clearly forgotten that he was elected to represent the people not dictate to them. He needs to be convicted of treason and put in prison. We have no need of this fool in government.


The US economy will collapse into recession again unless a deal can be concluded today between the president and senior politicians.

If no agreement between Obama, Reid, McConnell, Boehner and Pelosi can be made before January 1st then automatic tax rises and spending cuts come into force.

This is what Obama wants to fulfil his Frankfurt School ambition of destroying America.


As with all dictatorships, and as we are also finding out in Britain today, China is curtailing the freedom of its peoples even more.

From now on internet users have to use their real names and internet companies will be held legally liable for any anti communist party postings.

Not long before this will happen in Britain too, by the look of Cameron's dictatorial stance on gay marriage for all his gay lovers.


David Cameron has defended his decision to waste our taxes on the "foreign aid" scam to support the corrupt 3rd world dictators he so admires and on whom he is modelling his premiership.

Our hypocritical leader, or is it time we started calling him our fuehrer, prefers to ignore the old and poor who need help in today's Britain.

Foreign aid needs to be stopped and the money saved spent on looking after our vulnerable people.

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