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Sat, 02/02/2013 - 21:00
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In the Nationalist Online, by Jack Dandelion, for February 2nd 2013 there is the Nationalist take on various news from around the world, including the news that Twitter has suffered a cyber-attack, the unrest in Egypt and the discovery of a missing Irish property developer.



Society wrecker David Cameron insists on pushing unwanted gay marriage in everyone's faces and refuses to support traditional marriage values with marriage tax break - that's yet another broken election pledge. Increasing numbers of Conservativ MPs see their chances of hanging on to their seats at the next elections and also want to dump the useless Chancello,r but Cameron knows a traitor when he sees one and is going to hold on to Osborne until the end. Cameron and Osborne intend to go down with the sinking ship of state together, no doubt just after they have got married!




The Muslim myth of not eating pork is a lie. Muslims in Britain have been eating halal pork pies supplied by a halal certified caterer it has been discovered. After checks in Britain's prisons the pork content confirms that the truth is Muslims will eat anything. Halal food, burquas and all the rest of the Muslim carry on looks more and more like a way of marking themselves as as different and demanding and obtaining concessions that highlight their growing power. We do not want this in our country.




Missing property developer Kevin McGeever 68, was found wandering on a country road. He had been kidnapped and tortured for 8 months before being abandoned. He is now in hospital suffering from malnutrition and dehydration. His kidnappers must have been one of those rich people he suckered into buying property in Dubai!




Five men accused of raping and murdering a 23 year old psychotherapy student in December have pleaded not guilty. The men, who if found guilty face the death penalty, walked into court with their faces covered in a not very convincing display of innocence. Here in Britain we're becoming used to seeing Muslim paedophile rapists do the same.





After a three week campaign French and Malian forces have chased the salafi Al Qaeda terrorists and murdering rapists into the desert. President Francoise Hollande is visiting his troops and negotiating a new deal with Taureg leaders to hunt down the remainder of these hated terrorists. If the Arabic desert peoples in the north of Mail are treated fairly, peace may freturn to the region. But if the French allow the African Malians to launch a wave of rape and revenge murders, the Taure's will be forced into the arms of the Islamists, enabling them to run a protracted guerilla war. Either way, it's not our fight and not one more British plane or 'advisor' should be sent there.




Civil war crept closer on Friday, with several anti Mursi protesters shot dead storming the Presidential palace. The people have grown to hate Mohamed Murs,i the Muslim Brotherhood dictator. This tyrant and bigot is even worse than Hosni Mubarak the dictator he replaced. Mursi is leading the once prosperous country into an economic wilderness.




Another 33 people have died in an explosion in Mexico City at the headquarters of the state run oil monopoly Pemex. It is thought to be a terrorist attack, but as yet no one has claimed responsibility. 




Twitter, along with the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, has suffered a cyber-attack. 250,000 Twitter customer's details have been stolen. The incursion is very sophisticated and clearly not the work of amateurs. It is clear, according to the American company, that the hackers are based in China. Only people stupid enough to contest ownership of a barren island in the East China Sea, could possibly want details of Twitter customers, the company believes! More seriously, it does seem as though China is constantly probing the USA for technological and economic weaknesses. This may be in reaction to the openly stated US neo-con aim of 'containing' China, something which is all too likely to become of self-fulfilling prophesy of future trouble. Once again, Britain should stay well out of it.


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