Myths, Dreams and Reality.Part One.

Thu, 07/02/2013 - 17:00
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 By Nathaniel Greene-Just How Difficult Is It To Run A Country?
Today, in 2013, Britain is being run by a pair of toffs who have absolutely no hands on experience of the real world.

They are both millionaires without ever having either done a proper day's work in their lives or started a business of their own.

Prime Minister David Cameron, whose only job was as a gofer at Carlton, the TV and media company, is conveniently married to the daughter of the richest landowner in the bread basket of England, Lincolnshire, so there is not going to be a penny's worth of reality from her either.

Cameron was a real swot at school obtaining 12 O levels, 3 A levels at grade A and a 1st in PPE from Oxford. This man has a brain, but does he have any common sense since the two rarely go together!

He is well connected being 5th cousin to Queen Elizabeth II, and has been actively supported by her in his career with the Conservative Party, which is really nothing more than a front for the Royal family.

Although choosing politics as his first career, like many politicians he has toyed with journalism. He has done a spell at Carlton Communications and had been a columnist where he discovered the idea of gay marriage to take the Conservative Party to the left of Labour.

He is obeying the Queen's wish to discard the party faithful and replace them with disillusioned liberals and leftists and then form a one party royalist state.

The chancellor George Osborne's wife Frances is a lawyer turned journalist whose best friend is Justine Thornton, wife of Ed Miliband.

She famously does the house accounts which certainly doesn't say much for Osborne's financial ability.

She is also a biographer and novelist which means she spends months researching and writing in seclusion while George washes the dishes and feeds Freya the cat.

But surely George must be of some use? And it turns out he just might be!

Frances' great grandmother was a 1920's socialite famous as a drug addict, exhibitionist and for holding anything goes sex parties. It looks like Frances has her ancestors' traits and as the idle little man, her husband is, he would be fascinated by all this.

As paedophilia is the common bond that unites the British ruling elite we begin to see how it is that George gets to be chancellor.
What is it about paedophiles that makes them such awful politicians? Do they have a special disability as abusers of defenceless children that gives them a disadvantage when it comes to government?

George, as an Anglo-Irish man, is true to his roots. He is bone idle which is a strong tradition amongst those people: neither really Irish nor English but accustomed through centuries of misrule to the life of wastrels.

George, however, married well. His wife is the daughter of David Howell, Minister of State to Ted Heath, Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron (a job for one of the boys if ever there was one), and now adviser to the rich oil sheiks of the Arabian Gulf and to a Japanese train manufacturer who is to bid on HS2. Looks like a done deal there. No surprises on HS2 then!

More importantly there is the connection to the Conservative paedophiles Heath and Thatcher for both men. Don't forget the close friendship between Jimmy Savile, paedophile-pimp to the elite cultivated and paid for by the state mouthpiece the BBC, and Thatcher.

Savile was the original idea of the BBC and was used by the elite to pimp child sex victims for politicians and broadcasters.

So we have a brilliant Prime Minister without any common sense and his sycophantic side kick, the Anglo-Irish wimp George. Call me Dave and a decidedly dodgy deficient George. David and George.

All rather incestuous wouldn't you say! Dave and his bollocks. Super-brain and idle-George the hen pecked.

Can't be that difficult to run a country then? No surprises here either!

A brain without common sense for PM, and an idle Mick for Chancellor of the Exchequer, whose wife doesn't reckon his arithmetic is up to scratch to do the household accounts!

In the next part we examine the 15 minute week of Dave and George.

That's all it actually takes to run the country. All the rest is just filler.

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