Muslim Rising

Sun, 23/09/2012 - 05:00
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By Ian Holt-Recently we have witnessed the Muslim nations arising after a cheaply made, low budget, pretty pathetic attempt at a blasphemous film was made and distributed to probably the most controversial pastor since Martin Luther King; Pastor Terry Jones.

With just one endorsement this man has ignited the flame long extinguished since the 13th Century.

However, can we honestly lay the blame for an entire Religious uprising squarely at the feet of this one man?
He is but the fan.

The smouldering pile has taken a while to combust but the initial sparks that set the pile smouldering were showered onto those Islamic Nations through Western policies.

Warmongering we like to call it.

If you've got Oil we want to know about it and we are going to have it by hook, crook or cruise missile.

So now the flames of the Islamic Nations are being fanned nicely after the Arab Spring and the Radical Muslim League bods have taken their positions, opposed to the US and British invasion of Islamic lands, and their Zionist backers, we await the forthcoming war with the final pariah Iran.

Nick Griffin warned of this very situation arising from his seat in the European Parliament.

In fact, if memory serves me right, it was expressed in his maiden speech.

Just as an addition you may have noticed that very little, if any of this grave situation, has been shown on the biased BBC or Sky. Community Cohesion they call it.

We don't want the Brits knowing that Islamic fundamentalists are running riot in our major cities.

Who would they turn to?
There's no-one to stand up for the English, Scots, Welsh and Irish anymore is there?

Aren't we all Gay Rights, Multicultural, Welfare loving, Debt Paying citizens under Islamic Sharia Law?

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