Muslim anger, so sack the dinner lady?

Thu, 21/02/2013 - 21:00
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By Northernscot-A dinner lady has been sacked for accidentally serving non-halal meat to Muslim students at a multi-faith school in Birmingham.

The lady was dismissed after the `unintentional error` which happened on December 12 of last year, recently came to light. The person responsible for serving the food was dismissed following a disciplinary hearing last Monday.

All 1,400 students at the Moseley school are given halal meat regardless of their religion. This in itself is an utter disgrace, if Muslims want halal meat that’s one thing, but it should have never been given to non-Muslims.

This is yet again another case of the enrichment or the encroachment of Islam on ethnic Britons.
According to reports, when Muslim parents found out they acted with outrage, forcing the head teacher Carl Jansen to apologise to Muslims for the `unintentional error’ and insulting their faith. Yet the poor old dinner lady just doing her job is a victim of the Muslims and their inability to deal with the issue in a calm and sensible way.

We hope that she takes the local authority for unfair dismissal and is given her job back, rather than the authorities pandering to over-the-top anger of Muslim parents.

Let’s face it in the light of the horse meat scandal parents from some schools could demand the sacking of dinner ladies, but being British means we need to deal with things in a more reasoned and intellectual way.

Not willing to leave it with the sacking of the dinner lady, reports tell us that, Muslim parents are demanding others to be held accountable for the mistake, which they call 'an insult to our faith'.

It appears they want other heads to roll, excuse the pun!

One Muslim parent whinged
“The school has failed the children, how did this meal get into the school system to be fed to the children?”
“It’s just shocking that dietary requirements haven’t been met.”
“It’s a disgrace that this could be allowed to happen and we demand more action is taken,” a father of a sixth form student said.

Back in the land of normality we find not all parents of the school are dancing up and down the street in anger, they feel that it was over the top to have sacked the dinner lady because of an unintentional error that was not her fault.

The real question that parents at this school should be asking is why are their children of a non-Muslim faith being fed awful halal meat?

Children, who do not or want to share the beliefs of Muslims, should be fed with traditional British abattoir supplied meat. We have had humane standards of animal husbandry and slaughter for many years to cause the animal minimal suffering, introducing halal standards sweeps these standards to one side and it is the animals who suffer.

The dietary needs of all the children are not met when one religions idea seems to be placed on all plates regardless of being non-Muslims.

Yet again we witnesses the grovelling of British authorities to the over reaction of an incident blown out of proportion.

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