Multiculturalism and Political Correctness

Tue, 02/04/2013 - 15:00
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By Imnokuffar and Powys-Can anyone who has ever seriously thought about the twin topics of this article, doubt that they constitute problems for our country?

Why was it that Britain ever got itself involved with ‘identity politics’ or cultural Marxism. What we are driving at is that even a quick survey of the origins and shortened meanings of those two words would convince most that they are based on non-British and internationalist ideas and are in truth highly destructive to our country and way of life.

Without any doubt they are directly opposed to any notions of Nationalism. If that were not bad enough, there is a persistent understanding in Britain, pushed by the media, politicians, schools and other agencies that Nationalism itself is a destructive and inherently evil concept that is closely aligned with Nazism.

According to the Miriam Webster on line dictionary it is defined as:
‘loyalty and devotion to a nation; especially : a sense of national consciousness exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups’

Other meanings associated with this definition include; jingoism, chauvinism, superpatriotism, loyalty, patriotism; nativism, xenophobia.
So basically being a nationalist, according to some, is a totality of prejudice against the ‘other’ and is anti-human.

So then, if one is a Patriot and proud of one’s history, culture race and has loyalty to one’s nation, one is inherently evil, bad and nasty as these attributes morph into Nazism.

On another site, Wikipedia, we looked up Multiculturalism and this is what they had to say: ‘Multiculturalism (or ethnic diversity) relates to communities containing multiple cultures.

The term is used in two broad ways, either descriptively or normatively. As a descriptive term, it usually refers to the simple fact of cultural diversity: it is generally applied to the demographic make-up of a specific place, sometime at the organizational level, e.g. schools, businesses, neighbourhoods, cities, or nations.

As a normative term, it refers to ideologies or policies that promote this diversity or its institutionalisation; in this sense, multiculturalism is a society “at ease with the rich tapestry of human life and the desire amongst people to express their own identity in the manner they see fit.’

Note that the Wikipedia definition does nothing to defame this concept -- it is actually promoting it.
Let us now examine concepts of Multiculturalism and its twin, which is Political Correctness, but be sure to keep your emphasis on the former. To examine the two in any depth would require an article like a book!

Suffice it to state that the two notions are clearly linked in many ways, with the second being an outcome of the first.
You all need to understand that there are two parts to the meaning of the word multiculturalism.

The first part is the recognition that some societies DO contain multiple cultures’ i.e. diversity DOES exist. Before the invasive immigrant flood Britain was diverse in terms of regional differences and the peoples of Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.

The second part of the word is a tacit acknowledgement that ideologies, i.e., the things that people believe, do tend to promote diversity. Some political leaders openly encourage diversity in the belief that variety strengthens a society. It is for that reason that western leaders (such as Jack Straw) are actively promoting multiculturalism.

Now, it is obvious that we have large groups within our society that ARE ‘different’ (mainly because they were derived from the policy of immigration).

It was recognition of these new groups that gave birth to the so-called ‘identity’ politics. Politicians are not unaware that mankind normally tends to dislike that which is ‘strange’, worrying, or simply disliked; so, their ‘solution’ was to undertake legal measures designed to compel people to accept the things that worry them.

In other words, our leaders DO see the diversity, but they also seek to force people to accept it as a matter of ‘national interest.’ However, ask yourself what is likely to happen when the beliefs of the strangers’ are radically different to those of native Britons, or THEIR interests!

We believe that there are a number of things about Islam that are offensive and clearly unacceptable. The blatant promotion of child marriage, Female Genital Mutilation, their attitudes towards women and their tendency to promote their way of life at the expense of any other are just some of the more obvious examples.

We see those things and denounce them and for that we as a Party are branded as Islamophobes and racists; however, Islam is not a race so the second word should never be used in this context. The reality is that these practices are anti-human, sexist and disgusting.

They make a mockery of our laws, institutions and the rights of women that women fought for. It is interesting to note that not one of the so-called Feminists has anything bad to say about this situation as any criticism of Islam would be Islamophobic. In fact Naomi Wolf celebrates this and once went around in a Burqa.

Afterward she said she found it ‘Liberating’. Perhaps she should liberate all of us and go live in Afghanistan, where she could be liberated of her genitalia. Sadly, what is all-too-apparent is that any valid criticism is being stifled in the media and by the politicians.

We may smile or cry when we remember Cameron saying that ‘Multiculturalism has failed’ -- and promising to get rid of it, but what happened – nothing happened!

Some of us may have been confused by the proliferation of ‘rights’ and while some of them are understandable, some are definitely questionable, eg, ‘gay’ marriage, ‘positive discrimination,’ ‘cross culturalism’ ‘Inter-culturalism’ and other rubbish.

In the 1970's Harold Wilson came face-to-face with the political consequences of Attlee’s 1947 importation of hundreds of thousands of West Indians and Wilson dealt with the issue of diversity by enforcing firstly ‘toleration’ decrees and then by adopting the policy of multiculturalism.

The Thatcher/Major governments did nothing about the situation and just continued along the same devalued road letting even more immigrants in.

However, the present administration is now ‘talking tough,’ but to be crude it’s clearly just bollocks. The Blair government, like the Attlee government, supported immigration, but it compounded the imported diversity problem by bringing in the third world, and, in his case it was in the millions and the immigrants came from Pakistan, India, Africa and Eastern Europe.
Patriots, study the words in the UK 2009 Equality Bill and you will begin to understand what our government was trying to ram down our throats.

Blair and Straw evidently saw these foreign elements as a source of strength rather than a potential problem. So what did they hope to achieve?

If asked, they would have informed you that they stood for equality, equity and freedom, and, anyway, ‘the sovereign State was finished,’ and, that we were all ‘brothers’ in one single world system -- whether you like it or not.

What they never bothered to say was that they also had every intention of de-industrialising Britain and creating a nation of ‘consumers’ who were mainly employed in the service sector of the economy – you know, that sector dominated by low wages, part-time work and with low energy demands and with low carbon creation.

Obviously we now live in a world where the idea of free speech has gone by the board. Words for example which describe races, sexual orientation or religion are not the only things that are officially censored.

Let us take a close look at our Brave New World. We must now be very careful how we speak about anthropogenic climate change, evolution, second-hand smoke, ‘womens' rights,’ people in their dotage, AIDS, carbon trading, weapons, or, being a member of the BNP etc, etc.

It is also ‘camp’ to poke fun at organized religion and individualism, and, oh so very modern and ‘with-it’ to be agnostic or atheist – all the while promoting multiculturalism, the collective, man-caused climate change, tree-hugging and abortion on-demand, one-world government etc ad nauseum.

Interestingly, most of the people who would convince us that political correctness is ‘just fine, thank you very much’, are the same group who like to portray workers and peasants as ‘good’ and the ‘bourgeoisie’ and the “greedy” capitalist owners as evil.’

The truth is that in their nasty little world, reality and truth are forbidden and are construed as being revolutionary in nature!
So what is behind this inverted situation?

There is a persistent belief among those who follow the lead of the Frankfurt school, that their aims can never be achieved until they have smashed and replaced the values of Christian western Europe with their own ‘value neutral’ doctrines – just as this week the EU’s socialists are arguing that democracy must be ‘smashed so that they can remake the European system to their liking. What we need to keep firmly in mind is that while all doctrines have their underlying belief and values systems, not all values are equally positive.

That fact unfortunately seems to be lost on this shower. In practical terms what the current situation really means is that we have a constant attack on marriage, normal sexuality, faith, national spirit, freedom, democratic practices, the value of money, and, of course the national State.

Have you ever wondered why Christmas is now referred to as ‘the holidays?’ Look no further for an answer than to those who wish for their official ideology reinforced by the power of the State.

Make it your business patriots to read about the REAL aims of the Fabian society, Bilderberg, Common Purpose and of course the Frankfurt bunch and you will begin to understand that cultural Marxism and its tactics of multiculturalism and political correctness are really NOT in your best interests because they are both facets of the totalitarian and increasingly globalised State.

Muslim terrorism, like the drug cartels and dangerous diseases are examples of what can happen when internationalists fail to realize that importing a population from a troubled part of the world also means that you are also importing its troubles.

Pro-immigration rhetoric speaks about bringing the best of other countries to Europe or the United Kingdom, but unfortunately that has also meant importing ‘exotic’ cuisines, barbaric customs and practices, terrorism and violent gangs.

Obviously the newly organised voting policies favour certain Parties over others, with immigrant communities clearly being captured mainly by the Labour party – until of course ‘Respect’ came along!

What ought to worry even the most multicultural advocate is that large proportions of the immigrants are absolutely opposed to even the most basic notions of democracy and see it as a tool to take power from the indigenous people.

How then is it even possible to compromise, ‘muddle through’ or come to any reasonable solutions? We must therefore fact the unpleasant conclusion that importing large numbers of immigrants from countries where democracy does not work will insure that our democracy will inevitably be destroyed.

You see patriots, it ought to be obvious that internationalism works both ways and because our current national ‘liberal’ values have become so general and ill-defined, rather than transforming the values held by the immigrants, we ourselves are being radically transformed into something that is not even recognizably British.

So what can we conclude about this situation? We believe that Liberals, Socialists, Communists and the other devious champions of immigration, must come to terms with the fact that the very thing that they support will ultimately make liberal and libertarian societies impossible.

It will however promote the advent of the totalitarian state and perhaps that is the REAL intention. It is a fact that Europe's growing Islamist minorities are already making basic freedoms impossible.

Europeans have assumed that they can have cultural freedom and a welfare state, but there is now an uneasy awareness that high immigration is threatening their treasured way of life.

Immigration is without doubt forcing Europe to adopt political correctness and the first victim was the curtailing of religious satire, freedom of the press and its art scene. (Remember the Mohammed cartoons and what happened in Denmark and Holland?)

Even the most ardent defenders of multiculturalism must now be aware of the overloading of the generous welfare system.
If current trends persist, then European internationalism will have helped to make its own defining qualities extinct.

This is already happening in the UK. Unfortunately, the European left stubbornly sticks to its internationalist principles while refusing to see the practical contradictions in its policies.

It is so committed to its internationalism that it also fails to understand that political programs developed within nation States can only survive within a national context, and, that nations such as the United Kingdom -- whose population is becoming Pakistani, Bengali, Arab and Mixed Race will increasingly be a place more like an off-shore version of Pakistan and much less like the traditional United Kingdom.

Personally we find the very notion of this transformation sickening. Look at how they live in Pakistan or any of the other Islamic nation, it is disgusting.

The irony of it is flee Pakistan and then turn parts of our country into the very thing they fled from.

On another note, if you are a Christian, Jew or of any religion not Islamic you should be very alarmed indeed. As should Liberals, Feminists, Marxists, Socialists, Tories, LibDims, Anarchists and just ordinary people.

The latter category are being brainwashed into oblivion.
They should ALL realise that the changes will not be confined to surface things such as cuisine, dress, religion and language, but ominously will gradually transform all of the values of the country.

Enoch Powell understood this very well and we must ensure that our fellow Britons understand the message.

We two are proud to be British Nationalists and wish this gift on anyone sensible enough to see it for what it is and accept it.
Become a Patriot.

Join us in the British National Party for we are the REAL PARTY OF LIBERATION!

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