Mr Cameron’s plans on immigrant welfare face possible disruption

Wed, 27/02/2013 - 17:00
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By Northernscot-David Cameron on Tuesday was given the royal treatment by parts of the British newspaper community. Papers like the Daily Express and Mail along with the Telegraph carried cheery reports of the interview David Cameron gave about those naughty immigrants claiming British welfare.

It was clearly an orchestrated aim for the voting public of Eastleigh and other disgruntled voters that he’s the man to stand up against those Johnny foreigners in the EU and bring in laws, yes British laws to stop the hordes from claiming what they can.

But let’s look at little deeper here. It looks more than likely that the Tories must hit UKIP hard, very hard on Thursday if they are to stand any chance of taking the Eastleigh Parliamentary seat.

Recent polls are showing the Lib Dems in big trouble and UKIP marching on a wave of protest votes. There are two problems for Cameron looming here.

Firstly, if he does not win Eastleigh he will be under tremendous pressure from the Tory right-wing back-benches who are already mightily cheesed off with his pro-Europe campaigning, it would also show that he could not win a winnable seat.

Secondly, whilst we all know that UKIP’s rise in by-elections is predominantly based around the protest vote of cheesed off Liberal and Labour voters, there is a slight chance that a win here for UKIP could unravel massive consequences for his Tory party and possible witness defections like never before seen to UKIP.

Yet Mr Cameron’s well organised newspaper and TV push over those awful immigrant welfare claimants’ days before the by–election may come to nought if the EU steps into the fray.

The EU as a body is very keen to see all its citizens treated the same in whatever EU country they wish to set up home, and that means welfare claiming as well.

Just recently Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, the champion of European integration along with her coalition parties have become rather chilly to the idea that citizens from other EU countries could move to Germany and be looked after in between jobs. Now a Bulgarian woman is taking Germany through the courts on this very issue of receiving welfare payments. If she wins then Mr Cameron’s bullish rhetoric will be as empty as a Cornish tin mine.

The following article on this possible landmark ruling appeared recently in Der Spiegel (German newspaper online version) and is written by Maximilian Popp

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