More soldiers to lose their jobs

Tue, 18/06/2013 - 17:00
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Article by Scottish member
I never thought that I’d live through a time in Scotland and witness on the news what is happening to our Armed Forces.

I come from a military family. My father was in the British Expeditionary Force and was the only survivor in a group holding back the advancing Germans in Belgium.

His company was one of those who fought the rear guard battle to allow British troops to be put on to boats at Dunkirk to safety, he must have known that he and his fellow soldiers would not have much chance of getting home.

It was a sense of duty that he and his comrade’s held that can still be found in our armed forces to this day that makes the public bond with our troops strong.

My father was blown out of his trench and when the Panzer troops found him, they sent him to a field hospital behind German lines and operated on him to save his life.

He spent a number of years in captured soldiers’ camps. My grandfather was in the Armed Forces and also saw action in WW1. I have family now out in Afghan fighting for the British Army.

Yet recent news of how our troops and cadets have been treated has sickened me and made me feel ashamed. We have allowed mouthy `Asian` (of course not Muslim) teenagers to abuse young cadets, training for a possible life of service to our Queen and safety of our people.

The police use their `diversity` team to tread softly softly amongst the immigrant population in near apology trying to find out the names of those idiots.

One wonders if they will get a very quiet, “now now then boys, don’t do it again” approach.
Then today I read that another 5,000 of our brave men and women face the redundancy notice thanks to Cameron and you Clegg.

I bet a fair number of these service personnel have been in harm’s way, no-doubt been in Afghanistan and for what? For the Tories and Lib Dems to save money! Instead of making our troops redundant Mr Cameron, how about stopping the Poles and other Eastern Europeans from sending home many millions of pounds in child benefit and the rest.

That is something you Cameron could negotiate in Brussels, there’s nothing stopping you
Our Army is going to be reduced from 102,000 to 82,000 and we are expecting very kind and understanding employers to allow TA staff off from work, possibly one year in every five, to cover for the coalitions wicked cuts.

I ask, what employers will want to employ someone in the TA in the future if that member of staff is going to disappear for a long period?

The MOD, expect to increase the TA from 15,000 to 30,000 by 2018. It’s all pie in the sky cuckoo theory by suited men around a desk.

Already in Scotland, we have read in newspapers of soldiers families being told they have to leave army housing because of redundancies.

We have read of how the local councils have nowhere to house them. So much for your military covenant Mr Cameron! One soldier is being made redundant 87 days before being entitled to better pension rights.

Only such things could be done under a CONSERVATIVE/LIBERAL DEMOCRAT government.
We are told 60 per cent of redundancies in the first round are from applicants and 70% from the second.

That still leaves around 3,300 soldiers, from two rounds of redundancies so far, losing their jobs and facing family upheaval. There will not be so many of our soldiers looking for redundancy when the next round of Armed Force personnel cuts are asked for by government ministers.

Only last Friday the Army’s Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Peter Wall warned that gaps between military resources and planned capabilities caused by spending cuts “could become quite dangerous, quite quickly.”

Now, who do you trust? Mr Cameron and Clegg or the Army’s Chief of the General Staff with our safety and future?

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