More Problems of Diversity

Mon, 18/02/2013 - 17:00
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By Dr Phil Edwards-It was so much simpler, less complicated years ago, before the world and his wife graced us with their presences – there we were, a racially homogeneous nation of indigenous Britons, with our own home grown cultures, proud of our past and our contributions to civilisation.

OK, the supermarkets were not as big then, the range of goods on offer was limited, but we didn’t go hungry. Indeed our diet was probably better than it is now.

Mobile phones didn’t exist so folk weren’t wandering around like zombies with a phone glued to their ear or poking and stroking them 24/7 (and strangely, neither were there long queues outside every telephone box).

Some of us didn’t even have a telephone at home or own a car, but we got by, didn’t fret about it.

There was even sociability and conversation, without fear of being arrested for “offending” some other person sitting nearby on the bus or train, or in the supermarket queue or the pub.

But that’s all changed now that the immigrant has bestowed their gift of “diversity” upon us – take the case of Amardeep and Vijay Begraj, a husband and wife team who previously worked at a law firm in Coventry and have started the very first claim in the UK for unfair dismissal on the grounds of caste discrimination.

Yes, that’s right, caste discrimination – and in the UK!!

According to the Guardian, Vijay Begraj, a former practice manager at the Coventry solicitors firm Heer Manak, and his wife Amardeep, a former solicitor at the same firm, had claimed that they were discriminated against because he is from a lower Asian caste than she is.

Vijay Begraj is from a Dalit background – the caste formerly known as "untouchables" – while Amardeep is from the higher Jat caste, the same caste as their employers.

The tribunal, which sat for a total of 36 days, heard allegations that the couple had suffered caste-based discrimination, humiliation, victimisation and harassment as a result of their relationship.

Begraj claims a colleague told him that he was lucky to be a practice manager in the UK as his caste meant he would have been a cleaner in India.

He also told the tribunal that he had been assaulted by two relatives of one of the firm's partners and had been called derogatory names relating to his Dalit status.

The employment tribunal collapsed after the presiding judge “recused” herself (yes, I had to look it up too) – but how much has this nonsense cost the public purse?

So now as well as “female genital mutilation” (another exotic import from the Indian sub continent), grooming of underage white girls, “racism”, Sharia courts, Halal food, electoral fraud, Voodoo, bush meat, drug-resistant tuberculosis, Saar's etc etc we now have caste discrimination!

How did we manage in the past?

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