More migrants will put the squeeze on housing, jobs and NHS

Mon, 21/01/2013 - 10:00
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Any influx of Romanian and Bulgarian migrants will put pressure on housing services in Britain. Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, has admitted this and claims that he has no idea how many are likely to come.

Some estimates say that 300,000 may swamp us when EU access restrictions are lifted in December.

Worst hit will be East London boroughs where housing services are already strained.

Pickles may be frightened to predict how many Bulgarians and Romanians will move here because the previous administration grossly underestimated the numbers in 2004.

It predicted fewer than 20,000 eastern Europeans would arrive but Office for National Statistics figures show more than 600,000 were working in Britain last year.

Already, statistics have shown that Romania's population has fallen by more than 12 per cent since 2002 as hundreds of thousands leave the poverty-stricken nation for comparatively richer countries like our own.
The migration of workers from Romania will hit that country too. Figures from the latest Romanian census reveal that migration and a low birth rate have pushed the population down to 19 million, a fall of almost three million in 10 years, with one million Romanians working abroad.

However, other estimates suggest the number of expatriate workers could be three million. There is no official figure for the number of Romanians in the United Kingdom, but British businesses advertised 2,400 vacancies in one month alone on a Romanian website for nurses, engineers and other jobs.

The exit of workers from Romania is a big problem for a country where only about five million employees pay taxes and most of the rest are pensioners, children, subsistence farmers or people working illegally. That is unsustainable.

The British National Party says that it is madness to allow more migrants when our services like the NHS, housing and education are already under enormous pressure. Nor do we need more competition for jobs.

According to government figures (likely to be fixed low) we have one million youths unemployed and a general unemployment rate of 8.4 per cent.

We need to train and employ these people not import more labour.

Only the BNP has the guts to speak out on this because the Political Class has long ago abandoned representing the interests of the British people. On this issue, as on so many others, they just don't care.

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