Media Propaganda and the Tools to Hit Back

Tue, 23/04/2013 - 11:00
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By James Rae-This article is designed to give the BNP the fire-power to hit back at the treacherous propaganda merchants in the media who constantly attack us.

We have suffered long enough.
In a decent fair and just society, all political parties could expect as of right, to receive fair and balanced reporting from their mass media.

Sadly, that attribute of civilisation does not exist in Britain to the opponents of the forced multicultural agenda. Do we have to put up with such oppression? I say NO!

We have the fundamental and moral right to hit back by any means at our disposal.
That right of retaliation should not be construed as claiming any immunity from criticism, because other people have just as much right to say why they disagree with us as we have to say why we disagree with them, and the public have the right to choose which argument they think is more valid or even disagree with both of us if they want to.

That is their right. It is also their right to receive information which is not slanted or distorted, a right which is being fundamentally denied to them at the moment, so in reality, the general public are also victims of that media tyranny.
The way to hit back can be summed up in a single word --------- MONEY!

Analyse the routes of the cash flow which sustains media tyranny and see if you can divert some of it.
National newspapers and paid for local newspapers are falling by the wayside of their own accord and do not have the power and influence they had merely a few years ago.

Apart from asking people not to buy them or patronise their advertisers, there is probably not a lot you can do to counter them.
Asking people to refrain from patronising their advertisers is also probably the only way you might be able to hit back at commercial TV and radio propaganda.

The main problem is the massive number of local free newspapers, which collectively have a far greater circulation than the paid for papers.

They are dumped in people’s letterboxes whether they want them or not, and very often every house in a locality will be exposed to their content, and if that content happens to be anti BNP poison at election time, that is something we have to take seriously.
Free newspapers are not charities, they are there to make money for their shareholders.

They get that money from selling advertising space, and those sales are usually dominated by two trades, real estate and motors. It just so happens that both those trades have predominately switched to the internet. HOW CONVIENIENT!

It is one of life’s mysteries as to just why there is so much money still being spent/wasted on newspaper adverts when estate agents calculate that around 90-95% house hunters search via the net for property and with motors the corresponding figure is about 75%. It is probably due to tradition and the inertia of the old routine.

To say their hold on that market is weak, is an understatement.
All that it probably needs to chop off that revenue stream which sustains those anti BNP rags, is an information guide in their circulation area to steer potential house and car customers to the excellent internet resources that are available to them.

A double sided A4 would probably suffice, and the following information is the stuff you need to put on it.


If you are either a prospective buyer or seller of property, you should first devour this

Although it could do with a bit of updating it is still an invaluable tutorial on the subject, almost certainly the best available.

If you are a house buyer, -- you will find about 98/99% of everything on the market, on these fifteen property portal sites:- (Scotland) (mainly SW England ) (mainly midlands) 


If you are a house seller, --- you should be aware of the new resource of internet estate agents. They will handle the sale just the same as a high street agent except for the viewing, which you will have to conduct yourself.

Promotion via the above portal sites will likely be as good as or better than a local agent but they will probably have less local knowledge, which may or may not matter in your case.

Their fees are about £350-£500, as opposed to typically (1.5% + 20%VAT) of sale price. i.e. many £ thousands.
Here are 20 of them. They operate nationally, but if other things are equal there is a lot to be said for using someone local if possible.

If they can do the house visit themselves instead of delegating it to someone else, that cuts down the communication chain. Check what is included in their deals, plans, photos, EPC, for sale sign, and length of time on their site, etc.

Check how much portal exposure you get, the more the better. The locations are taken from their contact details, and one assumes that's where they live. (Tunbridge Wells Kent) (Warrington) (Glasgow) (Rochdale) (Lytham) (Southend on Sea) (Wantage Oxon) (Brentwood) (Newcastle, Staffs) (Hayling Island) (Sheffield) (Wellingborough, Northants) (Thame, Oxon) (Gosport) (Leigh on Sea) (Newcastle on Tyne) (Newark, E Mids)

The pitching in at a competitive price is crucial. Traditional estate agents are liable to price upwards to get the contract. You can check sold prices to work out current values at nethouseprices.

Selling Privately

If it wasn't for blatant restrictive practices, which should be outlawed, you could make use of the property portals with your own private advert and save even more money.

There are plenty of websites where you can advertise your own house for sale, many of them absolutely free, but without getting on the main portals your sales reach is small.

They might work in conjunction with a for sale board if you are on a main road, and some of them now have small portal presence, but until the busiest portals accept, or are made to accept private house ads, you are probably wasting your time.

Six free house ad sites are shown here for anyone who wants to try them, it won't cost you anything, and also for the buyers to reach more sellers :-


A similar revolution has taken place in the car market, but with cars you can not only shop around on your computer for the exact car specification/extras/colour etc. you are looking for, you can also cross reference prices.

The relevant websites are as follows:-

Free car advert websites (sellers can advertise their car for free on these nine sites)


The Main Dealers Portals (new cars)

Other Sites

Advise sites – good and bad points on various models etc.
For just about anything else to do with motoring, try these two motoring portal sites:-

Can hardly recommend paying to advertise your car when there are so many free sites, but if you insist, try or eBay.

You can also use eBay to check what cars have actually sold for, or if they have failed to sell, by checking the – completed listings.
We Demand Fair Treatment

If the above information is distributed to every house in the circulation district of a free newspaper there is a strong probability you could close them down within a few months.

Steering house sellers to the new internet estate agents will not only save them a huge amount of money, it moves their business to someone who does not buy space in the local anti BNP rag.

Likewise, if local motorists are clued up on the efficiency and convenience of the car sales portals, they will turn to them for their next car, and the local car dealers will be less inclined to buy space in papers.

Look at your local free newspaper and count how many pages of advertising space they sell apart from houses and cars, and ask yourself if they could survive if their primary cash cow died out.

If the answer is likely to be NO, then those rags are in a precarious position and are extremely vulnerable to the above information becoming more widely known.

You may be surprised to read this, but I recommend that local activists do not go out and instantly leaflet their area with this info, though it might be tempting, because I think there is a better tactical alternative. It is better to use the latent power of this info instead.

The object of the exercise is not to close those rags down, it is to make them treat us fairly. They will probably close down fairly soon anyway because of natural changes in business patterns and it is not to our advantage to give them an excuse to blame us for their demise.

Put the word out by any means necessary that we now have the power to retaliate, which will be used if they persist with their vile propaganda campaign against us.

I suggest that activists save a copy of this info on their hard drive, and if in the future you need to use it to compile a leaflet to teach an arrogant local rag a lesson, you will have it to hand.

You should always check the sites because they change quickly and become out of date, and you might not want to use all of them.
Finally, use the sites yourself and see how much money you can save.

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