Maryport shows BNP can win

Fri, 03/05/2013 - 19:10
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The British National Party were narrowly beaten by Labour in Maryport South. Our fine candidate Dawn Charlton won 811 votes whilst Labour scored 905.

Maryport bucked the UKIP surge as they were comfortably beaten by the British National Party. UKIP won a paltry 127 votes.

There is outrage in Maryport tonight as local people who asked to be registered to vote were ignored and were not able to exercise their democratic right to vote.

Others were simply not sent the forms to vote by post and were refused the right to vote at polling stations.

Our tellers witnessed angry confrontations as people were turned away.

We've come to expect this kind of chicanery or incompetence. It's something we now plan for and we will be working out how to prevent or minimise this in the future.

This denial of democracy has left a sour taste in the mouths of many. There is likely to be quite some fallout and the elected Councillor clearly has little legitimacy.

Local people are rightly angry. For BNP opponents Maryport is difficult to explain.

They are confused. "Does not compute, does not compute" say the Leftist robots.

The script was that the BNP would always be beaten by UKIP - everywhere. We would be wiped out by the UKIP 'steamroller'.

Maryport was the area where the BNP leadership decided to draw a line in the sand and experiment with new campaign techniques that demonstrate how we can take UKIP head on and beat them.

More ambitiously we wanted to show how, despite all the hype and against all the odds we can win or come close to winning. Job done.

Others are mesmerised by UKIP but we are making plans for Nigel. Nick Griffin will be explaining soon the lessons we learned in Maryport.

For now all we will say is look at this result and understand that we have a plan to win and the dedication to do it. We have demonstrated that we can stop UKIP dead in its tracks and have only missed winning by a cats whisker!

Those who wrote off the BNP did not understand how entrenched we are in our communities and our passion and dedication.

The British National Party emerges from these elections united, confident and undefeated.

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