The Marxist Liverpool Echo receives an award for telling lies!

Sun, 12/05/2013 - 14:00
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Here is an article that the Marxist Liverpool Echo will NOT print.

Liverpool Echo reporter Marc Waddington took the Runner-Up Award for the Scoop of the Year in the National Media Awards Ceremony, for his article which told outright lies about Liverpool Mayoral Candidate and Liverpool British National Party Organiser, Mike Whitby.

You may recall that Echo reporter, Waddington, published an article which claimed that Mike Whitby had forged a signature on his Mayoral nomination paper, which of course was a pack of lies.

Waddington had studied Mike’s nomination paper and found that most of the signatories lived in the same neighbourhood, and ‘shock horror’ six of them lived in the same road!

The Liverpool Electoral Services office had made it clear that there was nothing wrong or even unusual with the location of the nominees, and a senior member of that office even stated that the nominees could ALL live in the same house, and it would NOT be a problem.

Yet, despite this, Waddington then set about calling on Mike Whitby’s signatories, to bully and intimidate them into believing that they had done something wrong, by nominating a member of the British National Party to stand for the position of Elected Mayor of Liverpool.

Waddington published his pack of lies in the Echo and reported a ‘non-crime’ to Merseyside Police, who then sent a delegation of three officers to travel an eighty mile round trip to Mike Whitby’s home in North Wales, in order to recruit the assistance of eight Wrexham police officers to batter their way into Mike’s home.

This appalling crime (by eleven Merseyside and North Wales Police Officers) of extreme intimidation to Mike and his family; Aggravated Burglary; Assault; Affray; False Arrest and Kidnap, took place without ANY evidence of ANY crime whatsoever!

The attack on Mike Whitby’s home was filmed and can be seen here;

Note that whilst a 6’6” policeman, dressed in an SS-type uniform and using a very large spiked pole to smash his way into Mike’s home, a plain clothed police officer admitted that the police had NO EVIDENCE to show that Mike had committed any crime! But, they carried on anyway, because today’s police officers believe they have ‘powers over people’.

The reality of course is that the police do NOT have powers; they have ‘Duties’ which are granted to them by the people, so that they can ‘Protect and Serve’ us.

The only time that police officers have any power over us, is when we give them permission to do so, by being tricked into consenting to their actions.

People need to understand that the police, crown prosecution service, court officials and lawyers speak in a different ‘language’ to the rest of us.

It sounds like English to us lay people, but it’s used in a certain way, so that we are tricked into accepting their actions.

If you don’t believe this, take a look at Halsbury’s Laws of England;

Prior to this attack by these thugs-in-uniforms, Mike had been making the arrangements for his Mother’s funeral, as well as the Election which were three days away, and he had agreed with a Merseyside Police Inspector, to attend the Police Station a few days later to discuss; “a complaint regarding the Mayoral Election” no further information was given by Merseyside Police at that time, and no information was given by the arresting officers.

The reason, or should I say, the excuse, for breaking into Mike Whitby’s home, was explained at the Police Station.

According to the police, ONE nominee, out of the fifty names required for the Mayoral Election, claimed that she had not signed Mike’s nomination paper.

Yet, her statement read; ‘A man and a woman came to my door and showed me some papers.

The man explained that they were with the British National Party and that he was standing in the Mayoral Elections, and asked me to sign for him to stand in the election. But I did not sign it.

I was annoyed and said; “where were all of you Liverpool Council politicians when I was very ill and needed help, nobody helped me, so why should I help you? ”….

Later, I realised that it wasn’t their fault and I signed the [Nomination] paper, but if I’d known they were from the British National Party I would not have signed it.’…. (???!!!)

.The end of her statement conflicted with the beginning, making her Statement of Truth an absolute nonsensical document.

The police officer who read this statement to Mike was red faced and embarrassed to read this out loud. The police said they were not allowed to mention this woman’s name.

But Mike and his wife, who had jointly collected the names of every single nominee, knew exactly who it was and they clearly remembered the conversation that took place on that very rainy day.

BNP people know from past experience that you must have a witness, otherwise the dark forces will accuse you of anything they choose, and you will usually be found guilty.

Here is what actually happened: At the woman’s door and after she had made her complaint about Liverpool council politicians, Mike had said to her; “I’m sorry to hear that you have been ill and that nobody helped you, but we are NOT Liverpool Councillors or MP’s.

I am currently a Councillor in North Wales, and you can’t blame me for the actions of the guilty Liverpool politicians. But, never mind, I hope you get some help, and I’ll get others to sign my Nomination Paper, as most of your neighbours have already done.”

Mike and his wife said goodbye and turned to walk away, and the woman said; “I’m sorry for blaming you, it’s just that I am so angry with politicians and took it out on you.” Mike said; “WE are angry about the actions of the crooked politicians too. They accuse the BNP of all sorts of horrible things, just because we tell the truth about them and they want to shut us up, and THAT’S the reason why I’m standing in this Election. We want the truth to be told”

The woman then said; “I’ll sign the paper.” And Mike’s response was; “I’d rather you didn’t sign it, unless you are sure, and that you understand you would merely be acknowledging my democratic right to stand in the election; it doesn’t mean you are going to vote for me.” The woman then said; “I’m happy to sign it and wish you luck.” And she signed Mike’s nomination paper.

This woman was NOT an idiot; she was NOT old and feeble. In fact she was very intelligent and articulate, yet the police took this statement from her, and they said that this information indicated that she did NOT sign Mike’s Nomination Paper!

Was THIS an adequate reason to smash into Mike’s home?! The police then sat on this case for four months, before dropping it, on the grounds of ‘insufficient evidence’ – not that there was no case to answer, because Mike Whitby had done absolutely nothing wrong.

Meanwhile, they had left Mike and his family without any front doors, for four months! Les Ingram, one of Mike’s BNP colleagues very kindly fixed some plywood boards where the doors had been; otherwise the house would’ve been open to thieves and the elements!

To add insult to injury, the Liverpool Echo reporter, Waddington, even admitted that he did NOT check the nomination papers of any other candidate, just that of the British National Party candidate, Mike Whitby.

So, without any evidence whatsoever, he unlawfully accused Mike of wrong doing and caused Mike and his family major trauma, stress and defamation of their good name, and Waddington was subsequently handed an award for investigative journalism!

What a shower of lying, twisting buggers reporters really are!

This action by Waddington is an example of the outrageous injustice that members of the British National Party suffer on a regular basis. To the uninitiated, this may seem very strange; why would a Liverpool Echo reporter pick on one candidate and ignore the other eleven?

But, to those loyal and patriotic members of the BNP, this is an all too common occurrence. It’s all part of the demonisation process of BNP members; to make Joe Public believe that we are bad people, and that we are involved with a bad organisation. And, Joe Public must not take any notice of those nasty people in the BNP.

The BIG problem is that the demonisation of BNP members has worked, and even people who should have more sense have fallen for the lies and outrageous accusations that the bankster-controlled media says about us. But, people are waking up.

But, what was the REAL reason that Mike Whitby was treated like a vicious hardened criminal; was it really about the Mayoral Election, or was it something else? It probably had a lot more to do with Mike’s whistle-blowing appearance on Radio Merseyside two days before, when he announced in a live broadcast to 500,000 people, that Britain’s National Debt is a fraudulent lie, in which politicians and banksters have conspired to deceive the people, for a very long time, yet NONE of the other political parties ever mention it.

The establishment cockroaches don’t like it when you shine a light on them. THIS is what happens to whistle-blowers, when they expose and oppose the lying, double dealing snakes in government, councils, courts, local authorities, police forces, newspaper and TV companies (particularly the BBC), who are collectively the puppets of the banksters.

Through a cabal of Freemasonic Common Purpose secret societies and highly paid government quango’s, those snivelling wretches enable the evil bankster organisations to fraudulently hold the British people to ransom, by CREATING MONEY OUT OF THIN AIR and pretending to ‘loan’ it to the British people, plus interest!

Britain’s National Debt, which enslaves all of us in an ever increasing level of Tax Slavery, is created purely to make the banksters rich!

Virtually every penny that we pay in direct and indirect taxes is paid to the banksters, in a vain attempt to pay off the so-called ‘National Debt’, which will never be paid off, until and unless the people tell the banksters and crooked politicians where to go!

If the production, control and issuance of money was in the hands of the British People, through honest government, we would not owe one penny to the banksters and we would not need any taxation.

Our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren would NOT have to suffer the brutal hardship of Tax Debt Slavery! Also, when you discover that most mortgages are fraudulent, and you report the evidence of this to the police, courts and ombudsman, they ignore these extremely serious crimes and enable their bankster bosses to take your home off you.

When a Whistle-Blower exposes and opposes this evil, the banksters arrange for their puppets in the media to assassinate your character.

Then they send their thugs-in-uniforms, who masquerade as Police Officers, to your home to smash down your doors to kidnap you and incarcerate you, for no valid reason!

Although Mike has now been evicted from his home, he is proud to say that he has stood up to these crooks and will continue to do so, until we have exposed their evil regime - regardless of what they do to us.

Just for the record;

We will NEVER be silenced!

Our ancestors fought valiantly to protect our future. They shed their blood and laid down their lives to give us the freedom that the British people (through our apathy, laziness, stupidity and a total lack of courage and moral fibre) have allowed it to slip through our fingers and into the hands of poisonous wretches, who couldn’t care if we live or die!

It is time to choose sides; you are either WITH the British People, or you are AGAINST us – it’s your choice.

The British National Party will be here when YOU are ready to join us.

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