London no longer a British city: only 45% of population white British

Wed, 12/12/2012 - 12:00
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The latest figures from the 2011 census show that white British people are now a minority in London: only 45%, compared to 58% in 2001.

Astonishingly, the BBC website refers to this appalling situation in positive terms, describing places such as Newham, with only 16% white British population, and with 54% of the population born abroad, as 'super-diverse'.

A more truthful term would be 'ethnically cleansed of the native population'.

These new census figures show that the traditional British population and culture is being replaced and destroyed, this disaster is the end result of misguided or deliberate policy by successive governments, starting with the initial encouragement of mass immigration by the Conservative governments in the 1950's and culminating with the deliberate social engineering of New Labour.

The rate of demographic change is accelerating, driven by globalisation: England with Wales has the largest proportion of people born abroad of any major European country.

Out of an overall population rise of 3.7 million people since 2001, 2.1 million was due to immigration (57%). In London, 37% of the residents were foreign-born.

The 'benefits' of mass immigration have included high crime rates, high unemployment and a desperate housing crisis.
Unless urgent action is taken, the state of London today will become the state of the entire country in 20 years time: we will be reduced to a minority in our own country.

As for the future of London, you need only look at the school playgrounds, where typically 80% of the children are non-white.

It's time to take real measures to halt immigration and to protect the British people, culture and traditions.

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