London BNP announces candidate for the Hornchurch & Upminster Parliamentary Election

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 12:00
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By David Furness

Paul Borg will be our candidate for the constituency of Hornchurch & Upminster.

As a long time and loyal member of the London branch of the British National Party, Paul has always given unswerving commitment and support to the nationalist cause.

His candidature was approved unanimously by London BNP officials. 

Paul was born and bred in the East End of London and is a veteran of numerous elections (Local, Parliamentary and European). In 2012 in the City & East London Assembly Constituency election, Paul obtained over 7000 votes.

Appeal for funds

The British National Party doesn't have the same level of financial backing that the other parties have and we don't have the backing of Trade Unions or Big Business.

That's one reason we're independent and able to speak our minds and represent ordinary people. 

To make our voices heard and to let the people of Hornchurch & Upminster know what we stand for, we need funds (for the deposit, for the leaflets, for letters to voters and much more). 

Today we're asking for your support because not only do we intend to contest this election properly but also we intend to stick two fingers up to LibLabCon.

This is London, our capital city, and we will not surrender!

Ways to help


This is a first for the British National Party!

London BNP is asking for pledges through

We are asking for £2000 and so far we have raised £700.

This appeal will only be funded if at least £2000 is pledged by 2.23pm 22nd March 2015. 

It’s worth a visit to our Crowdfunder page to see… 

•A great speech by Adam Walker (Chairman of the British National Party)

•A summary of BNP policies

•Links to over 17 articles / leaflets

Donate by going to





Crowdfunder allows 4 methods of payment: GoCardless, PayPal, Debit card, Credit card.

Pease note: Pledges and donations will show up in financial records as donations to Crowdfunder.

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Download the Barclays Pingit App from your App Store or from here:

After registering your details, enter the amount you wish to donate and use this number 07771598227 (the London BNP number).





Debit cards and credit cards also accepted without PayPal account

•Payments will show up on statements as either LONDONREGIO 



London BNP day of action in Hornchurch & Upminster this Wednesday 4th March 2015

All welcome to attend

Contact Mike Jones on 07908 649 362 

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