The Line Has Been Drawn

Thu, 23/05/2013 - 11:57
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Yesterday’s sickening and horrific scene in London, witnessed by people going about their daily business is the beginning of a new era.

The butchering and beheading of a serving member of our armed forces by Muslim extremists on our streets is unprecedented. It has drawn the line in the sand and signals the beginning of the civil war we have predicted for years.

We have our limp wristed politicians to blame as they have stood by with their heads buried deep in their troughs, feathering their nests and getting fat off the land whilst the dark cloud of Islam has grown ever bigger.

There is no place for this savagery in our country and it needs to stop. Amongst other things the Government must begin a programme of deportation and repatriation to reverse this problem, as it will only get worse with time.

How many more beheadings is it going to take for them to realise that this is nothing to be celebrated or embraced or that it is not enriching anyone?

Clearly the multicultural ethnic cleansing of our people from their homeland is fraught with untold horrors and dangers and it must stop NOW!

To this end we are organising two national days of action in the coming week and we would expect that every patriot and like minded person who is outraged at yesterdays horrors to get involved.

This Coming Saturday May 25 / National Day of Action

We will be producing a leaflet soon which will appear on our website. This can be printed off and distributed in your area.

If you can not print this off and you have spare anti-Islam leaflets then this is a good time to use them.

Please get in touch with your local organiser to find out what is happening in your area.

Whichever leaflets you are using just a quick 30 minute hand out in a town / area will do the trick and then you can move on to another location.

This way your efforts will have maximum effect in short periods of time and you will be in and out of the place before anyone can oppose your opposition to this recent show of extreme tolerance from the followers of the religion of peace.

A Week on Saturday June 1st / Demonstration

This is the big one.

Regardless of your political affiliation we would like to think that you can make it to London on June 1st.

Why should we tolerate one of our soldiers being hacked to death and beheaded here in our country? It is utterly barbaric and this type of behaviour has no place in a civilised country.

Those who gave their lives fighting to make our country great did not die for this. Further details of the demo on June 1st will follow on the BNP website but for the time being spread the word and put the date in your diary.

The political landscape has shifted and it is time for the British people to awaken and be heard.


Step up to it by showing your support for these events.

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