Lib/Lab/Cons turn Britain into Bedlam

Thu, 25/04/2013 - 14:00
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By Maid of Kent-With the recently reported case of yet another mentally ill foreigner found roaming the streets of our country committing violent crimes against the population, British people are beginning to question how and why so many of these mentally ill people are here in the first place.

The latest case concerns Latvian Rolands Brize, a dangerous arsonist who left a mental institution in his homeland and travelled to Britain where he carried out a sex attack on a 23 year-old student in Hull.

Brize was a long-term patient in a Latvian mental health institute after burning down his family home, but this didn't stop him from travelling to Britain, returning to the institute when he went back to Latvia and on his release, coming back to Britain to live.

The main stream media reports on this case fail to mention what job or profession was held by this deranged Latvian, and with this omission we must presume that in unemployment ravaged and bankrupt Britain the Lib/Lab/Cons have allowed yet another EU citizen to circumvent EU rules governing migrant workers and move here to become dependent on our welfare state and its beleaguered supporters, the British taxpayers.

However, the real significance of this particular case lies not in the presence of yet another bogus EU migrant 'worker' who fails to work and has become yet another foreign burden on British taxpayers, but in the presence of another mentally ill foreigner in our country.

While much has been made of the rampant abuse of Britain's national health services by so-called Health Tourists, which are estimated to cost us £billions every year, there has been no mention of the equally costly decades old abuse of our mental health services by foreigners.

While both types of these foreign leeches are similar in that they steal vast amounts of resources paid for by the British taxpayer doing immeasurable harm to our economy and the provision and availability of services to the people who have paid for them, there is a significant difference between them.

The difference is that while health tourists arrive to fleece our country and once they have done so generally scurry back to their country of origin to evade any bills, those with mental illnesses are often deliberately exported from their countries of origin and are usually here to stay as a constant burden on the British people.

This deliberate exportation of mentally ill people from foreign countries has been going on for decades and accounts for the large numbers of such people roaming our streets.

The case of the Latvian Brize may raise questions about the nature of his insanity given that he seemingly had enough sense to select the one country in Europe which allows EU citizens to break EU rules governing migrants, which has the most generous welfare provisions for people who are not entitled to anything and which has the most lax justice system in Europe meaning that violent offenders can escape any meaningful retribution.

That he, along with many other so-called mentally ill people who commit violent crimes, possesses the good sense to only attack people who are in a vulnerable position or are smaller and weaker than them again raises valid questions about the nature of their mental illness.

That aside, the outrageous truth of the presence in Britain of so many mentally ill and deranged foreigners exists in the shameful lack of any attempt to control Britain's borders by the Lib/Lab/Cons, their refusal to protect the British people from harm caused by violent foreigners and their traitorous desire to flood our country with Third World immigrants at any cost.

This shocking truth was revealed in an article on the problems created by the Care in the Community scheme which was published approximately 15 years ago in the Saturday Telegraph supplement.

Reporting on one London borough the article concentrated on individual cases and was filled with patients with African names. With the exception of the case of a couple who came from the Irish Republic, every patient mentioned in the article had an African name.

By way of an explanation for 80% of the names of these mentally ill residents of London being of African origin, at a time before New Labour flooded our country with African immigrants, the article ended by explaining that families in African countries which have no welfare services (all of them) found it cheaper and more expedient to club together to buy a mentally ill relative a one-way ticket to Britain knowing that their relative would be able to get into the country with ease and once here British Lib/Lab/Con governments would ensure that they would be cared for and have all of their needs met.

In short, Africans have used - and have been allowed by successive Lib/Lab/Con governments to use - mental health services in Britain which have been paid for by the British people for the exclusive use of British people with mental health problems.

Consider that if Africans living in various countries on the African continent have exploited this scam over decades, then it goes without saying that the populations of most other Third World countries have done so too.

If the main stream media knew of this scam approximately 15 years ago, mental health care workers - employed in services paid for by the British tax-payer and therefore answerable to us - would have been well aware of this scandal long before and successive Lib/Lab/Con governments which employed them would have known too.

Yet apart from that brief mention in the main stream media - over 15 years ago - there has been a deafening silence from all of those responsible for the provision and allocation of expensive mental health services with no other hint of this criminal misuse of British taxpayer funded services from the main stream media or any Lib/Lab/Con government.

These mentally ill foreigners not only swamp our mental health services denying British citizens of appropriate treatment and care and creating additional financial costs for those services, but present the added and immeasurable costs of threatening the safety and well-being of our law-abiding citizens.

By allowing this scam to exist - and to continue for decades - successive Lib/Lab/Con governments have denied the British people any protection from the resulting violent and sometimes deadly physical assaults committed by mentally ill foreigners living in Britain.

The blame for this appalling situation and the resultant dangers presented to the British people by the presence of these mentally ill and sometimes violent foreigners lies not with their Third World families who deliberately send them to Britain, nor does it lie with those mentally ill foreigners who choose to come here to either live a life of comfort at our expense or those with criminal intentions who like Britain's favourably lax criminal justice system, but is entirely the fault of successive Lib/Lab/Con governments who have ignored their duty of care and protection to British citizens purely in order to pursue their own twisted ideological agendas.

Having made our country - a few decades ago considered to be one of the safest countries on earth - an attractive destination for foreign criminals, a situation caused entirely by their perverted liberal justice system which refuses to punish any real criminals, these Lib/Lab/Con politicians have increased the danger on our now lawless streets by wilfully allowing the world's criminally insane to come here.

Perhaps the British voters who have put these treasonous Lib/Lab/Con politicians into power - time and time again - and now have to live in the violent and lawless country created by their policies will reflect on the adage that you get what you vote for.
These Lib/Lab/Con politicians have destroyed the asylums and created Bedlam on our streets.

If the British people want a different Britain from the one that the Lib/Lab/Cons have created, they have to vote for a different party - and the only political party which offers different policies, policies which would put an end to this insanity, is the British National Party.

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