Lib/Lab/Cons Enable and Condone Sickening Child Abuse in Britain for Decades

Sun, 29/04/2012 - 19:00
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British readers of a headlined article in the Mail on Sunday have been shocked to discover the existence in their country of the savage and backward cultural practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) - an alien practice so brutal and primitive that civilised people find it hard to comprehend that other people can inflict such unnecessary and savage harm to others, especially their own children.

FGM is a procedure which 'surgically' removes the female external genitalia and sometimes involves the stitching of the vaginal opening, in extreme cases so that the opening is the size of a matchstick. Usually performed by female 'elders' in their community or by the grandmothers or mothers of the victims using primitive implements like unsterilized knives, razor blades or pieces of glass and performed without any anaesthetic, the victims are prepubescent girls who are sometimes no more than young babies.

The procedure, which is not a religious requirement, unsurprisingly causes physical and mental health problems either at the time or in later life and can result in the death of the victim.

Unknown in Britain before the Lib/Lab/Con importation of people from the primitive, savage and backward cultures that practice it - cultures that were supposed to 'enrich' the civilised British people - this alien and barbaric genital mutilation of women is widespread in certain African countries like Somalia and the Sudan but is illegal in Britain.

According to Forward, a charity which campaigns against FGM, it is estimated that 100,000 women living in Britain have undergone this brutal, illegal and potentially fatal procedure and that more than 22,000 children endure it every year in the UK.

However, as this brutal child abuse has been known about by the authorities in this country since the 1980's - 30 years ago - and with the estimates of 22,000 victims every year, it is more than evident that the
estimated total of 100,000 victims living in this country is way off the mark and that the true total must be far higher.

Having been known about for decades by teaching staff at the victim's schools and medical staff in hospitals which have treated the mutilated and bleeding child victims and following official protocol have reported these cases to the Police and the Social Services, the shocking truth is that there has not been one prosecution by the authorities of anyone involved in this illegal act which is nothing more or less than brutal, systematic and widespread Child Abuse.

While indigenous parents are persecuted by these same authorities if their children suffer as much as an unexplained bruise, due to the criminal and slavish adherence to their Marxist multicultural ideology the
Establishment ignores this obvious and horrific child abuse and the bleeding and traumatised victims of FGM are merely given medical treatment and sent back home to their abusers.

Most of the people who practice this disgusting cultural habit and cause such barbaric mutilation to their own daughters are Asylum Seekers who have fled the savagery of their homelands, but it does not seem to
occur to these people that perhaps the savagery in their homelands is due to their occupation by savage people who willingly inflict such unnecessary pain and suffering on their own children.

With such barbarous inhabitants who are indifferent to the suffering of their own flesh and blood - what hope do strangers have of compassionate and civilised treatment and what hope do these countries have of
peaceful and civilised societies?

Now living in our country in large numbers, they have shown that instead of adapting to life in a civilised country they merely wish to continue with their own barbaric culture and traditions and when allowed to
will reduce our country to the same levels of civilisation that exist in their homelands.

The British people may well wonder what other horrors have been imported to Britain by these backward savages which, like FGM, have been hidden by the Westminster traitors who are responsible for their importation.

Of course, the shocking scandal of the presence in our country of the brutal and backward practice of FGM is that the Lib/Lab/Con politicians have knowingly allowed these masses of habitual and violent child abusers into previously civilised Britain and have intentionally avoided the prosecution of these savage criminals all the while masquerading as decent and caring Christians, all in the slavish pursuit of their multicultural ideals.

While these pompous and immoral Lib/Lab/Con politicians have publicly funded Quangos on every subject under the sun, endlessly debate how to extract more money out of the British people and pontificate about the most
obscure and trivial issues in our country - they have avoided the prosecution of huge numbers of violent child abusers and have swept the whole issue under the carpet.

Shockingly, these Lib/Lab/Con politicians with their policies of mass immigration are guilty of the enabling of child abuse offences in Britain by allowing these people to come here and by having knowledge of these offences but refusing to take any action due to their perverted multicultural ideology,have condoned them.

Yet they dare to consistently label British National Party representatives, supporters and voters as 'vile' and 'odious'?

How do they sleep at night?

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