Liberals versus Marxists... The Ultimate Battle

Fri, 21/12/2012 - 15:00
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By John Salvage-When Stalin got into the Kremlin, he immediately attacked the intellectuals, inventors, and those he considered ''too Liberal'' and therefore far too dangerous to his version of mad Marx's theory.

When the Marxists finally get their way in our own time, funded by their Zionist/Talmudic horse whisperers, liberals will be either disposed of, or murdered along with ordinary but dissenting individuals and groups.

If you think this is reactionary, or headline grabbing, then remember the articles recently whereby we saw that the EU (Neo-Communist Bloc) has actually got a modern day ''Death Penalty'' in a well hidden part of the new draft treaty.

Here are some examples of Stalin's evil actions and victims of the DEATH ORDERS, upheld with immediate effect at particular times and for differing reasons:

Red Army generals

The Director of the Lenin Library

A pair of vice-commissars of foreign affairs

Two successive bosses of the NKVD (Secret Police)

Almost all of the ambassadors in the Soviet diplomatic corps

Numerous members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party

A man who took down his portrait of Stalin, whilst redecorating his wall

Prime ministers, and chief officials of all the non-Russian Soviet republics

The very man who had led the charge against the Winter Palace in 1917

Nearly every one of the military judges who had sat in judgment and had condemned

A 70 year old schoolteacher, who happened to own a book which ''included a picture of Trotsky''

An unfortunate 85 year old woman, who made the sign of the Cross when a funeral passed by her

''And a partridge in a pear tree''... oops... that's a hanging offence for that bit of yuletide humour!

One should not laugh I suppose, because as we head towards the oft quoted, but little understood ''Post Democratic Era'', we may become victims of the establishment in one form or another.

Whom the gods want to destroy, they first make insane, or so the saying goes. But with Liberals, it seems they are easily charmed by the madmen and women of the extreme left.

They make good bedfellows, although in reality, they are in for a rough ride aren't they?

Those silly Guardian reading, BBC Radio 4 types will one day find themselves alongside us horrid Nationalists, housed in Gulags if lucky, or enslaved in a kind of poverty only the super rich will escape.

Once the socio-economic cuts are deep enough, and the resulting crime and rising utility and fuel costs have finally spewed out upon their little world, the stark reality of middle class and professional alike, so long proud to wear Liberal garb politically speaking, the state of the nation, and who really controls the levers, will leave many Liberals thinking they backed the wrong horse at Ascot.

Talking of horses and runners, any Liberal who voted Labour last time around or since Tony Blair was chosen by the elites to run the country down in 1997, will be pleased to know that their hard earned taxes, are being put to good, typical Marxist use... and smilingly supported thus.

Quite a while before New Labour's son of an illegal red immigrant Miliband's latest plan for our ethnic cleansing, Marxist Harriet Harman, (Harm Man) the former deputy Prime Minister, praised ‘heroic’ immigrants who claim welfare payments in Britain, and use the cash to support their relatives living abroad.

She once said: ''The Government should make it easier for them to send the money home, and called for tax refunds to encourage more immigrants to follow suit.

In particular, those who paid for their children to be educated in the Third World''. Now that's international Marxism to you and I, but an unsuspecting Liberal will be warmed to the heart to think their money is being used to support good causes and the needy. The word ''heroic'' used by Harman, seems a disgrace when the term should only be used for our troops in her coalition government's illegal war, and police officers shot or stabbed in the line of duty in our ''Liberal Democracy''.

Miliband must now be proud of her statement, considering his latest ethnic cleansing plan to embrace more ''enrichment'' once he and his alien parasitic ilk are back in the driving seat.

Obviously, in the economic conditions that sees tens of thousands of people out of work, whole industries trashed, and people in this country dying through cold and hunger, rising crime, and students debt ridden for decades... it's actually Communism.

So, where do the Liberals think they are going?

They support everything that Nationalists and normal people deplore, and are hand in hand with a system that will eventually enslave them and their children. In the final battle between good and evil, nature and social construct, the Liberal ideologue will themselves be destroyed.

Only Nationalism, in particular the British National Party, stands in the way of all this in terms of purely political activism.

In many respects, the British National Party should be able to smoothly take over where Marxists and Liberals have left off with their supposedly ''caring'' policies... but not for the world's masses.

We do not have a policy that kills or harms children, the Socialist/Capitalist do (war mongering and lowering of moral standards). The British National Party does not have a policy that enables immigrants to prosper at their (Liberals) expense, this coalition does (millions will not be deported, and Turkey will be allowed to send people here).

And to top it all off nicely, we do not have policies that would Islamify our nation, and allow Sharia law.

But guess what Liberals? The coalition does.

So, whilst any Liberal, or for that matter, Marxist, may ponder on what is written herein, we have one thing in common, yes, all of us. We will see a time of hardship, poverty, crime, debt, and international conflict that will engulf us all.

Only Nationalism can save YOU Liberals, and if that does not happen, please try to smile as the Marxists do what they always do... kill you, your families, and anyone who disagrees with their word view.

Sleep tight and merry winterval.

This article was originally written and posted on various websites in 2010, and updated slightly, it is coming true.

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