Liberal/Marxist Fascism and Totalitarianism – an Explanation

Thu, 22/11/2012 - 07:00
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By Imnokuffar-A favourite term used to describe us in the BNP by the present political and social order is that we are “Fascists”.

That our arguments or our actions taken to question the way society is being conducted are the equivalent of an unreasoning, racist and totalitarian dogma whose final aim is to introduce a new order that is blatantly unfair, xenophobic, morally corrupt, economically disastrous and war-like.

The purpose of this article is to examine their claims and I have no intention of trying to be impartial as our critics are not.

I have a criticism of our party and it is that we rarely treat the creatures who make these claims against us with sufficient contempt or analysis.

However, I will examine various facets of their arguments as fairly as is possible.

For me and you it will be a bit like examining a disgusting disease to find a suitable treatment for it, so please bear with me.
Multiculturalism and its partners, Political Correctness, Marxism and progressivism do not utilise fair argument with respect to its opponents or the truth.

It uses moral, legal, political intimidation, the demonising of its opponents and the characterisation of their (our) opinions as being dangerous and thus unworthy of any rational counter argument.

They arrogantly KNOW that they have a monopoly on political and social truth and their arguments are opposed by people who are at the least misinformed and at most “fascists”.

They are ably assisted in this by the media, politicians, the legal system and an educational system that is overtly biased and mostly staffed by PC/Multicultural clones.

Personally I do not mind being called a “fascist” because I know it is untrue and whilst there are people in our party I disagree with neither are they.

At least in our party we are allowed to disagree and discuss.

However, it does seem bizarre being called this name by a bunch of multicultural Quislings who are instigating collaboration, appeasement and treachery with people like the UAF (Communists and extreme left) and funding agencies like the EHRC (Multicultural Jackboot organisation) the EU and various other far left and Muslim groupings that are intent on destroying our society, freedoms and imposing a totalitarian regime on all of us.

The outrageous thing about these critics is that they use an argument against Nationalism to promote a society that they call “inclusive”.

An inclusive society as defined by our critics must exclude those white people who are the original inhabitants of this country or their descendants.

Especially they if they dare question the overall so called “anti-racist” and other “anti” policies instigated by these inclusive dictators.

They must be silenced, abused, arrested on hate crime charges and preferably jailed or fined. The people who propose this inclusivity agenda are supposedly devoted to liberty, reason, rationality, anti-racism/sexism and anything that is supposed to negatively impact any minority or their overall ideology.

They view the majority (white) population as being an inherent threat as they are labelled discriminatory, racist, sexist, homophobic, violent, anti-democratic and generally repulsive fascists when compared to the saint like attributes the Marxists, liberals, and their supporters have.

However, to label an entire racial grouping this way is justified and is not racist as they are white. The fact that the majority of these gurus are in fact white themselves gives them a guilt problem that can only be overcome by complete obeisance to those who are not and an overwhelming hatred of white people who disagree with them.

When I use the word liberal in this article I am in fact referring to a set of beliefs that are designed to undermine democratic institutions, condemn traditional values and support opposing beliefs that generally undermine western societies as they see no value what so ever in them.

The liberals and Marxists see themselves as being the epitome of Multicultural perfection. They claim they are non-discriminatory in every sense and exist solely to defend minorities from the depredations of white society, sexism, homophobia and any other cause they can find or make up.

These liberals and leftists think that their “enlightened “ reasoning can exist detached from the society, civilisation and political culture that gave them the rights to formulate, explain and believe their dogma in the first place.

They arrogantly believe their “truth” is the ultimate reality and that those opposing them are ill-educated, stupid or morally, politically and socially corrupted.

They consider themselves a superior moral and political order that exists to educate the less enlightened and to create the perfect multicultural society no matter what arguments or reasoning are put forward to oppose them.

The notion that these liberals and leftists are in fact narcissistic, intolerant bigots whose whole modus operandi is to create a society that has no traditional ethical or moral codes and that is totally intolerant to those who oppose them is ignored by both its believers and apologists.

These creatures exist in all the main political parties and are more concerned with garnering the votes of minorities and blindly supporting them no matter what their claims may be than having any critical thoughts about them.

They despise indigenous white people and especially those who disagree with them.
Even if you are white and agree with them you can never be politically correct enough as your colour is proof of your guilt.

The fact that a lot of these white people actually vote for mainstream parties who support the points of view of these Marxists and liberals is a pointer to the success of the ideological and political conflict that has carried on since the 60s when the whole of society adopted the Multicultural/PC ideology.

At that time they called it “the counter-culture” and it consisted of an ideology that valued the individual’s rights to be above the society and promoted selfish half-witted notions that were designed to undermine traditional values.

This resulted in the formation of the present organisations that promoted the epidemic of Multiculturalism, Greens, Socialism and Political correctness that now infest society.

Marxism and Nazism both believed they had the solutions to all of society’s problems and did not tolerate opposition. There is not much difference between these two ideologies and the current spate of leftists and liberals.

So for these illiberal, narcissistic, ideological pedagogues to condemn nationalism as being a form of Nazism for defending the very culture and civilisation that has allowed them freedom of expression is somewhat rich.

As an additional factor, both these belief systems were anti-Semitic just like the present leftist/liberal organisations.

They deny it of course just like they deny anything that has any ring of truth to it but spend a lot of time and energy calling for the destruction of the state of Israel, the complete elimination of the Jews and overtly support terrorist entities like HAMAS and the PLO – something our party has never done.

A classic illustration of the contradictions inherent amongst the cultural relativists is that they believe that other societies religious, social and moral codes are inherently correct even if they are directly opposite to the sorts of values they say they uphold including anti- racism, sexism, homophobia, child marriage etc .

These moral idiots say they uphold human rights, freedom, democracy and tolerance. However they cannot be the ones to judge when other societies or minorities within our society do not because they believe differently in terms of religion or culture.

To do so would be racist and morally relevatistic as all cultures as are equally valid apart from the ones of the west that are intrinsically invalid for reasons I will explain.

This puts a society that upholds democratic values at a massive and suicidal disadvantage as in the interests of equality it must ditch its own culture, beliefs, rules of law and value systems.

This could include (and often does) tolerating child marriage, paedophilia, honour killing, polygamy, terrorism, violence against women, drug taking, theft and violence.

These are excused in the cases pertaining to a lot of immigrants or minorities as they are a result of supposed racist or other western attitudes including frequent mention of past colonisation, imperialism and discrimination towards the perpetrators of these despicable actions.

The perpetrators are designated victims and therefore deserve leniency or understanding that would not be offered to an indigenous person who committed the same offences.

Not that that in most cases they would as they would find most of these crimes to be repulsive both morally and ethically and do not come from societies where these crimes are normalised socially, religiously or legally.

Another example of these double standards is a set of leftist /liberal value systems that purposely undermines traditional values such as the family and the relationships between the state and the individual.

The state now supports varied versions of what a family is. Gay marriage and gay adoption being the latest attack on the traditional approach to a cultural belief that is thousands of years old.

This values the traditional concept of marriage and the belief that children should be raised in an environment that is specifically dominated by a heterosexual married approach.

The concept that a child of either sex is not influenced by the sexual environment in which it is bought up but can be influenced to be racist, sexist; homophobic by its environment is, to say the least paradoxical.

If these values can be passed on then why would a child not be influenced by its sexual/moral home life in a gay setting?

Anyone who has kids and knows them understands that they can be sometimes be very cruel to people who are deemed “different”. I wonder what will happen when they learn that one of their school mates has two mothers or fathers?

Will the school then expel any child who finds this somewhat strange or engage in the multicultural re-education of it. What will happen if the parents of any child have religious, cultural or moral objections to gay adoption?

Will they be prosecuted, re-educated or just banned from the school alongside their child? Is a child capable of understanding the implications of such an arrangement as gay adoption?

None of these questions have been answered apart from accusing people who ask them of homophobia. Personally speaking should such an arrangement be proposed for any relative of mine I would do my utmost to prevent it.

This approach is also a direct attack on assorted belief systems, particularly Christian values as well as an attack on minority beliefs.

However this attack on both majority and minority values because it is in the interest of fairness towards a minority is justified so they say.

That this imposition is somewhat contradictory as it sets one set of minorities and a fair section of the majority against each other are ignored by the elites as anyone who disagrees with the ideological construct is inherently mistaken, racist, homophobic or prejudiced.

Minorities can be forgiven for these attitudes but not white people or Christians (though ethnic ones may be forgiven) as they are viewed as being biologically racist, xenophobic trash who are deserving of punishment or re-education for their views.

Now we have reached the point in society where even traditional definitions of sexuality, marriage and child rearing are seen as being retrogressive, primitive and in need of leftist reform and this has been going on since the 60s.

Another classic attack on Nationalism by these self-satisfied morally bereft ideological smug, inconsistent morons consists of a repudiation of the notions that a Nation should look after its own people and institutions and that doing so is morally, socially and ethically repugnant.

This is despite the fact that the nations that a lot of these immigrants come from have very strict entry and resident requirements.

They certainly give short shrift toward newcomers who then engage in promoting or engaging in terrorist activities and anti-state activities with the usual punishment being expulsion, imprisonment or execution.

They do not welcome immigration unless the immigrant is rich enough to look after themselves and their family, has good skills, is not a criminal and is willing to accept their social standards and requirements.

All of which seem to be sensible requirements to me but in the view of the leftists and liberals make me and millions of other white people racist and fascist.

Funnily enough this also includes some immigrants who are non-white because they oppose the entry of others who may take their places in terms of jobs, houses, benefits and acquired rights.

The notions that immigration should be controlled, the law should be equal towards everyone, that freedom of expression is a fundamental right, that political expression is not a privilege but backbone of democracy and that a Nation exists to guarantee that its citizens are both contributors and guarantors of their own rights both political and religious is treated as being a symptom of a xenophobic mental illness by the cultural elites.

Very few of these cretins actually live in areas where their policies once enacted have proven disastrous and have enraged and alienated the various populations.

Nor would they want to as the areas may be a bit too rough for them or lack the appropriate (middle class) schools. They are however appropriate for the plebs who should enjoy the multicultural delights of such areas that have been so generously bestowed on them by their betters.

Ordinary people are ideologically prepared by the media, educational and political systems not only to tolerate difference no matter its context but to treat all differences as being acceptable and in the famous phrase “to celebrate diversity”.

Not to do so is classified as intolerance no matter what your belief system is and leaves you open to prosecution if you do not.

As we have seen this is especially pertinent to nationalists but not to minority people who stand by the roadside and insult our troops, burn poppies and threaten mass murder.

It is not applied to people like Tatchel who openly promote pedophilia or teachers and lecturers who promote extreme feminism and gay rights to children no matter their cultural, sexual, religious or moral background.

That this may offend the parents or relatives of these children is ignored as any complaint would be treated as racism, sexism or homophobia and thus is not a suitable case for treatment – yet.

Notions of “antidiscrimination” are used and abused to promote a victim culture that does not only extend notional power to so-called marginalised or minority groups but transfers real power to them through state funded organisations like the EHRC and others that are funded by the EU.

The idea behind this is to destroy traditional majority culture and to transfer power to minorities and their backers most of whom have a detestation of democracy and are Marxists, liberals or the grievously uninformed.

It should be bizarre to see leftists, liberals and militant homosexuals supporting a Muslim culture that is openly anti-democratic/anti gay and in league or supportive of terrorism.

However, it makes sense if you are intent on the takeover and destruction of western civilisation and view any minority as an ally no matter what their social construct allows that is contrary to the PC views of the leftists and liberals.

Any sacrifice is worth making to forward the transition to the perfect world and terrorists / extreme radicals can be of use in making this happen.

Once this perfect world has been achieved the expectations of these radical minorities will be satisfied as they will be in power. It does not yet occur to these leftists and liberals that this mirrors the attitude of their compatriots when Iran was Islamised.

Within two years all of them were dead or in prison. In fact if you look at history most of the instigators of these revolutionary activities were also tortured and murdered by their own kind.

These perverse so called champions of civil rights have reversed the meanings inherent in traditional values of right and wrong. Normal is now abnormal, a victim is now a victimiser, and common perceptions of truth are designated as lies.

Political correctness says that any white person who criticises any self-designated or state designated “victim” grouping can be fined or jailed if the criticism is deemed unacceptable by a minority group or person.

It does not matter if the criticism is plainly justified or evidentially correct if it is seen as being somehow “offensive” it is then treated as a potential offence.

The idea of a culture where the majority beliefs are intrinsic to the identity of the nation is now seen as racist. Instead we have Multiculturalism that states that all minorities have more than equal value to the majority.

The majority culture/traditions and beliefs are now seen as oppressive and in some cases illegal. Freedom of speech is impermissible if it offends minority groups as they have the right not to be offended.

They are however free to offend the majority in any way they like and should a member or grouping of the majority be offended and try to prosecute someone from a minority.

The minority offender will be paid for legal representation by the majority. After all one must be fair!
Whilst writing this piece I became more and more outraged by the sheer hypocrisy, stupidity and injustice of the Marxist/Liberal positions.

Frustrated and angry, disgusted by their preening, self-satisfied false morality. I will put it plainly; these people and those that support them are scum.

Any BNP Nationalist is worth ten of these pieces of filth and they have no right to call us Fascists when their Marxist belief system is a blatant piece of totalitarian, revolutionary garbage that is designed to undermine and corrupt democracy and destroy any notion of national pride, tradition, race and culture.

If black and Asian people can be proud of their culture and race why cannot white people be? After all white western civilisation has given more to the world than any other culture or belief system.

If it is so bad, corrupt and racist then why do millions of non-whites immigrate to these countries, often illegally?
If any Marxist or any person who supports Multiculturalism reads this and is offended then I am a happy person.

Because it is you and your kind who are traitorous, intellectually corrupt and morally dead. You are truly Fascist because Communism and Fascism are two sides of the same coin whose aim is total control of the individual, society and the abolition of any morality that contradicts your filthy creed.

We in our party know your real aim is to force us to live under a tyranny that will destroy our nation’s individual cultural, religious and political identity and replace it with your Communist/progressive creed.

Your real aim is to ethnically cleanse any white people who oppose you because you are anti-white, supremacist bigots who pose as champions of the oppressed.

Your insistence that Nationalists are Nazis, whilst you hold views that are far more extreme than those held by most if not all nationalists shows your blatant hypocrisy and sickening sense of superiority.

Face the truth you middle class, pseudo-intellectual hypocrites; you have nothing but contempt for anyone who does not toe the line to your creed and actually think you are superior to the “common herd” that consists of the majority of white society.

Your views are bound up with an anti-white syndrome; you are so sick that you not only hate white people but if you are yourself white you despise yourself for being so.

Nationalists do not hide their intentions under assertions of false morality, intellectually incoherent content or lies. We are not ashamed of being white and there is no reason on earth we should be .

In fact white people are less numerous in the world than black and Asian people so can be classified as a minority. We have no problem with people of other colours or cultures as long as they respect ours and are not given special rights over the majority white culture where these presently exist..

People of other colours, religions or cultures are not intrinsically perfect nor should they be treated as being so. They themselves can be racist, sexist, homophobic, terroristic and anti-white.

We do not lie about our beliefs because we instinctively and intellectually know and understand our history and culture. We speak as we find and are proud of our nation, its history and people and will defend our rights to the death.

Help us fight them for your own good, for the benefit of your children, the good of society and your nation.

Do not let them treat you like you are ignorant fools who will swallow their lies and hypocrisy that is based on a premise that they and other cultures are superior to you.

They are not.

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