Lib Dems back mass poverty plans

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 17:00
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By Northernscot-No wonder Lib Dems are panicking, when their Leader Nick Clegg and MP’s back changes creating mass poverty.

The Lib Dems have done much to point out that they have been effective in stemming back big Tory cuts and plans

But the British public now are seeing through their hollow claims. To the point now that many no longer believe what Lib Dems say.

There is very little support for their Leader Nick Tory Clegg, and his spellbound loyalty to the Conservatives.

It now appears that Scottish Lib Dems were shocked into silence after watching the film “Hardest Hit” at their conference in Dunfermline on Saturday.

The film, which was produced by 90 well respected charities, portrays the utter misery and abject poverty that the Lib Dem/Tory welfare cuts are making, knowing full well that their party is backing the nasty Tories plans 100%.

We are told that there was only standing room left at the viewing.

Ian Brown, a spokesman for the Hardest Hit film said “The screening was a great success. The delegates watched in hush silence as the film was very powerful”.

So much that Scottish Leader of the Lib Dems Willie Rennie said, “Our MP’s will now be taking the video and their concerns directly to our ministers, so that their voice is heard at the heart of Government”.

You just don’t get it do you Mr Rennie? You have a leader in Nick Clegg who will not change.

He is a massive part of why these changes are happening. You have a Leader who seems to have, (like the rich Tories) no idea or understanding of what these cuts and the proposals for next year are doing to millions of Britain’s.

Your party is helping push through cuts that are destroying ordinary people. The genuine sick, disabled and unemployed face possible homelessness, hunger and worse.

In 2011, 31 disabled people took their own life after being reduced to a pittance.

Now the panicking Lib Dems fear that they are going to be blamed for such terrible cuts.

It is very simple to understand, but unless the Lib Dems remove Nick Clegg as their leader and start saying NO to such savage cuts, then they will face oblivion at the next Scottish and Westminster elections.

Your leader and polices are now a liability.
Hard working families will also feel the destruction of the welfare system when they find child benefit and Tax Credits cut, reduced or worse, in the dreadful new Universal Credits system, which the Lib Dems along with their Tory partners will bring in during 2013.

Nick Clegg and the Lib Dem MP’s are supporting the biggest cuts to the poorest and vulnerable in our society as well as the unemployed and hard working families.

Don’t be fooled though, their daily tabloid friends regularly tell us what to think and believe when it comes to welfare cuts.

Last week’s Question Time was a good example of how our society has been reduced to a daily rag front page reactionary public. Hand clapping at reports of proposals to cut child benefit is just where the Coalition Government wants us.

What will be interesting to see, is the reaction of the hand clappers when they find themselves unemployed, sick and possibly homeless, if things go bad for them.

Only then might they understand that these cuts are not about genuine cuts, but destruction.

They will find the Lib Dems and Tories, have reduced us to the American system, where the sick, unemployed and hardworking low paid families are forced to live in shelters and storm drains, as there is little or no help.

We are not talking about American poorest black population, but also many white Americans and families.

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