A Lesson from Bangladesh

Sat, 25/05/2013 - 05:00
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By Maid of Kent-While media reports on the recent garment factory tragedy in Bangladesh have concentrated on the event and its probable cause, there has been a contrived avoidance in the mainstream media (msm) of the underlying conditions which led to it and no attempt to examine their immediate and damaging relevance to the British people.

As it appears that corruption and the circumventing of building codes was the primary cause of this disaster, the belief expressed by a particular self-flagellating liberal columnist that if western consumers would spend an extra 80p on a pair of jeans the tragedy would have been avoided is pathetically naive and merely panders to the view that people in the west are to blame because they buy the cheap clothes made in Third World countries.

This simplistic and ignorant liberal guilt for the conditions of the Third World is not just pathetic, revealing the irrational thinking exhibited by the liberal 'intellectuals' foisted upon the British public by the msm, but is ultimately dangerous because it ignores or conceals the true reasons for such conditions meaning that nothing is ever done about them.

These reasons should be of profound interest to the British people because the conditions prevalent in Bangladesh are, thanks to the Lib/Lab/Con politicians and their mass immigration policies, becoming commonplace in Britain today.

While criminal corruption appears to be the primary cause of this particular disaster, the driving factors behind it are the unsustainable population growth in that country and - surprising to some - the underhand meddling of EU bureaucracy which has played a part with its usual devastating effect.

Regarding the population growth, the area which in 1971 became Bangladesh had a population in 1960 of 50 million which has now increased to the current population of 171 million, making Bangladesh one of the most densely populated countries on the planet. In a space of just over 5 decades, the population has grown by just under 350% - and all without the reckless stimulation of mass immigration.

This staggering increase has led to the problems that we in Britain are becoming familiar with due to the unnatural and unsustainable population growth caused by mass immigration - the lack of resources and infrastructure to deal with so many people, in particular the shortage of jobs.

This unsustainable increase in population in Bangladesh translates to millions of people who cannot find arable land to farm in order to support themselves and who therefore must move to cities to find any kind of work - including the low paid work in garment factories.

For the globalists the miserable conditions that these Bangladeshis live and work in are good because, working for pennies, they produce cheap clothes for western consumers with plenty of profit for the middlemen.

However, these cheap clothes are not really so cheap considering the hidden costs that they bring for western consumers in the form of increased welfare costs to support British people who used to work in our textile and garment industries and are now unemployed because the garments that they used to make can be produced more cheaply overseas.

The reason that they can be produced more cheaply overseas is not so much due to the excessive wage costs of British workers - as the Lib/Lab/Con politicians like to tell us - but is because the meddling of EU bureaucrats has saddled British companies with the gargantuan costs associated with endless EU dictats making them uncompetitive with companies in the Third World which are not saddled with these costs.

These devious EU bureaucrats, not content with having destroyed the competitiveness of British industry, have also given Third World businesses another avenue to undercut British competitors by traitorously giving them duty-free and quota-free access to the European market - a favour which is not reciprocated by many Third World countries.

That's right, the free and open access to European markets which is one of the supposed exclusive privileges and advantages of belonging to the EU, with the membership fees costing us £billions yearly, and which is one of the main reasons quoted by Europhiles for belonging to the EU - is given away freely to non-EU Third World countries like Bangladesh.

No doubt the EU politicians and their bureaucrats think that by giving advantages to over populated Third World countries like Bangladesh they are helping to relieve the poverty and other problems brought about by over population, but their actions are adding fuel to the fire.

Any relief merely helps these countries avoid having to face the devastating consequences of having too many people for the limited resources available to any nation, and past experience shows that helping nations to avoid those consequences in the present leads to more population growth and bigger problems in the future.

So thanks to the Lib/Lab/Cons policies regarding mass immigration and membership of the EU, Britain is becoming just as overpopulated as Bangladesh with all the associated problems of an unsustainable population and our Nation is forced to battle for prosperity with our hands tied by EU bureaucrats who then give favours to our competitors in the Third World.

In addition to the overpopulation problems that Britain now shares with Bangladesh, thanks again to the Lib/Lab/Cons and their mass immigration policies, we also now share the Third World affliction of rampant corruption which was another cause of this disaster.

The endemic corruption present in Third World states which results in disasters like the one in Bangladesh is not a product of poverty, illiteracy or ignorance - as the Liberal left would have us believe - but is a product of the particular people who inhabit these countries.

It is relevant to the British people because we have had millions of people from such corrupt cultures deliberately imported here - and they have brought their traditions of corruption with them.

During the decades of this mass importation of people from corrupt cultures we have also faced an unprecedented assault on our own culture which the liberal left would have us believe is of no more value than the cultures which they have imported.

While most of the Lib/Lab/Con politicians demonstrate the sincerity of their belief that all cultures are of equal value - the evidence of their convictions can be seen in their indecent haste to adopt the corruption common to these alien cultures - many indigenous Britons know that this is a lie.

Despite this assault on our cultural and moral values by the ruling elite, most Britons still recognise that honesty within the community is essential to civil harmony, trust and the wellbeing of all its members.

The society that our ruling elite wishes to create will ultimately lead to the kind prevalent in the Third World where the rich live in luxury surrounded by high security protecting them from an angry and resentful poverty stricken population.

As our fathers and grandfathers - and those who went before them - knew, corruption eats away at the very fabric of a civilised society, destroying trust and cohesion in the community.

Corruption is recognised, even in the cultures where it is endemic, as an evil and a crime against the community as a whole and which has a far reaching and devastating impact on entire countries - yet it is still tolerated in the Third World and shamefully, is becoming accepted in Britain today.

This tolerance of a crime against entire communities is what defines failed Third World states - and leads them to failure. Failure that we are now experiencing.

A society which rewards corruption with riches and honours removes the incentive for hard work, endeavour and innovation leading to stagnation and decay.

Why work hard and strive to achieve when society rewards criminality so highly?
For a prime example of how Britain has become similar to a Third World country like Bangladesh we need look no further than the shameful tale of Lib/Lab/Con exalted Baroness Uddin, a native of Bangladesh, whose fraudulent expenses claims were believed to be the largest amount in any of the Westminster expenses scandals.

All of these real reasons for the garment factory tragedy in Bangladesh should be a wake-up call for the British people to prevent our country descending further into Third World conditions and standards, but unfortunately no one - other than the BNP - is going to tell the full truth to warn them.

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